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Walmart has a book that tells you which filter fits your Ford.

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Q: Which Super Tech oil filter fits Ford explorer 4.0?
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What does a super tech oil filter part st16 fit?

i purchased a ST16 oil filter...will it fit my Toyota pu truck?

What part number is the super tech oil filter that fits a 2004 ford explorer?

Do not install a Supertech filter on your Ford. Install a quality filter such as Purolator, Wix, or Motorcraft. The filter is too important to go cheap. Change your oil/filter every 5,000 miles.

What car is the super tech oil filter ST10060 for?

2018 ford transit 250

What vehicle does the oil filter super tech ST8A go to?

Several different ford vehicles.

What car is the Super tech oil filter 3600 for?

Tech select oil filter 3600 is for a ford 3.0 liter motor

What car is the super tech st8A oil filter for?

ST8A will fir a ford 351 CC V eight.

Where to purchase tools for Ford Explorer 4.0?

Chris - Ford Tech....

What super tech oil filter is used for a 2009 Honda Accord?

Do not install any Super Tech or Fram filter on your Accord. Purchase a quality Purolator, Bosch, Mobil 1, or Honda filter.

What vehicle does oil filter super tech st16 fit?

Ford Crown Vic Police ( iron block, pushrod ) 351 and some 302 CV's.

What is the replacement for Kohler oil filter 52-050-02S?

Super Tech

Which oil filter fits a Briggs and Stratton 18HP engine?

wal mart super tech filter # st3614 or Fram filter # ph3614

What is the super tech oil filter part number for a 1999 ford windstar?

Super Tech is the house-brand for Walmart.With that in mind, stop by one of their stores and you'll find the computer device on the shelf that you select car/model/year/etc and it tell s you what filters to use.That'll be a sure-fire way to know which is the filter for a 1999 Windstar

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