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There were thirteen who were re-elected and served two full terms, namely

1. George Washington

2. Thomas Jefferson

3. James Madison

4. James Monroe

5. Andrew Jackson

6. Ulysses S. Grant

7. Grover Cleveland == his two terms were not consecutive

8. Woodrow Wilson

9. Franklin D. Roosevelt (served 3 full terms and died early in his 4th term).

10. Dwight Eisenhower

11. Ronald Reagan

12. Bill Clinton

13. George W. Bush.

14. Barack Obama

Note: all of the above except Cleveland served their terms consecutively. Cleveland was the only President to leave office and then return later..

There were three other presidents who were re-elected to two terms, but they did not complete the second term:

1. Abraham Lincoln (assassinated at the beginning of his second term).

2. William McKinley (assassinated at the beginning of his second term).

3. Richard Nixon (resigned during his second term).

There were also four presidents who were elected to a second term, but they hadn't been elected to the first (they didn't serve a full first term).

1. Theodore Roosevelt (completed McKinley's second term and was elected to one term of his own).

2. Calvin Coolidge (completed Warren Harding's term and was elected to one term of his own).

3. Harry Truman (completed FDR's fourth term and was elected to one term of his own).

4. Lyndon B. Johnson (completed Kennedy's term and was elected to one term of his own).

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Who is the only president who have served for two terms?

Many US presidents have served for two terms. Barack Obama was the most recent.

Who are the US presidents who served two terms?

Some of the US presidents who have served two terms include George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Bill Clinton, and Thomas Jefferson. Other presidents include James Monroe and Ronald Reagan.

Which of the US presidents served more than two terms?

Franklin D. Roosevelt

What president was the only man to serve two full four year terms of the US?

Many presidents have served two full terms.

Which presidents served 3 or more terms?

Only one president served more than two terms and that was Franklin D. Roosevelt. An amendment to the US Constitution now limits the president to two terms.

How many US Presidents served more than two terms?

Only one and that was Franklin Roosevelt.

Who are the 44 presidents of the US?

There are actually only 43 different presidents because Grover Cleveland served two non-sequential terms

How many US presidents served three terms?

One. Fdr

Who are the two US Presidents that served only one term?

More than two Presidents served one term.

What is the average number of years served by us presidents?

Presidents can only serve for 2 terms. 4 years are in a term.

Have any US presidents served 2 terms?

Yes. Thirteen, I believe, the recent two being G.W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

How many US Presidents served only four terms?

Only four terms? That's the most any one president has served. Franklin Delano Roosevelt served three terms, starting in 1933, and died during his fourth term in 1945. Every other President has only served one or two terms.

What percent of all US presidents have served out two or more full terms of office Answer?

FDR was the only president to serve more than two consecutive terms due to the second world war.

Who were the US Presidents between 1981-2008?

Ronald Reagan (R) served two terms as president from 1981-1989. George Bush (R) served one term as president from 1989-1993. Bill Clinton (D) served two terms as president from 1993-2001. George W. Bush (R) served two terms as president from 2001-Present.

Who are the presidents who served more than one term but did not serve those terms back to back?

As of 2018, the only US President to serve two separate terms was Grover Cleveland.

How could the 22nd and 24th us presidents have same parents but were not brothers?

because they were the same person. grover Cleveland served as the 22nd and 24th president. he served two terms just not consecutively

How many US Presidents served more than two term?


Which man was the only one to serve two full four-year terms a president of the US?

There have actually been 14 presidents who served two entire terms, from George Washington to George Bush and Barack Obama.

How many priesidents did the US have before Thomas Jefferson?

Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States of America. The two presidents that served before him were George Washinton (who served for 2 terms), and John Adams (who served for one term).

How many presidents never served in the senate?

There were 25 US presidents who never served in the Senate.

What US Presidents were elected from California?

Richard Nixon was a Senator from California when he was elected US vice-president in 1952. Ronald Reagan had served for two terms as governor of California when he was elected President in 1980.

How many us presidents have served two consecutive terms?

Presidents who served two consecutive full terms were the following. George Washington Thomas Jefferson James Madison James Monroe Andrew Jackson Ulysses S. Grant Woodrow Wilson Dwight D. Eisenhower Ronald Reagan Bill Clinton George W. Bush Presidents who served one full term and only part of a second were these. Abraham Lincoln William McKinley Theodore Roosevelt Calvin Coolidge Harry S. Truman Lyndon B. Johnson Richard M. Nixon Franklin D. Roosevelt served three full terms and a few months of a fourth. Grover Cleveland served two nonconsecutive terms.

How many consecutive term us presidents?

Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Jackson, Grant, Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Reagan, Clinton and G.W. Bush were the presidents that served two or more consecutive full terms.

Which of these men served two terms as President of the US?

Bill Clinton

How could the 22nd and the 24th us presidents have the parents?

The 22nd and 24th Presidents were the same man. Grover Cleveland served as the 22nd President from 1885 to 1889, and he served again as the 24th President from 1893 to 1897. Benjamin Harrison served in the interim as the 23rd President from 1889 to 1893.Grover Cleveland is the only President to have served two non-consecutive terms.