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Which US presidents did not have a vice president?



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A total of 17 US Presidents did not have Vice Presidents for at least part of their term of office, and 4 had no Vice President for their entire term, having become President on the death of the elected President. The Constitution originally had no provision for electing a replacement Vice President. A total of 7 Vice Presidents have died in office.

Presidents with no Vice President ever:

John Tyler (succeeded William Henry Harrison)

Millard Fillmore (succeeded Zachary Taylor)

Andrew Johnson (succeeded Abraham Lincoln)

Chester Arthur (succeeded James Garfield)

Other Presidents who served parts of terms with no Vice President:

  • James Madison (total 38 months - 11 months when VP George Clinton died first term; 27 months when VP Elbridge Gerry died second term)
  • Andrew Jackson (3 months- VP John C. Calhoun resigned to run for the US Senate)
  • Franklin Pierce (47 months - VP William King died)
  • Ulysses S. Grant (16 months - VP Henry Wilson died)
  • Grover T. Cleveland (39 months - VP Thomas Hendricks died)
  • William McKinley (15 months - VP Garret Hobart died)
  • Theodore Roosevelt (42 months of first term - succeeded William McKinley)
  • William H. Taft (4 months - VP James Sherman died)
  • Calvin Coolidge (19 months of first term - succeeded Warren Harding)
  • Harry Truman (47 months of first term - succeeded Franklin D. Roosevelt)
  • Lyndon Johnson (16 months of first term - succeeded John F. Kennedy)
  • *Richard Nixon (2 months out of second term - VP Spiro T. Agnew resigned) -- Gerald Ford appointed new vice-president
  • *Gerald Ford (4 months - succeeded Richard Nixon) - Nelson Rockefeller appointed new vice-president

*The 25th Amendment, ratified in 1967, provides for the replacement of the Vice President in the event that the Vice President dies in office, resigns, or succeeds to the presidency.