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Hawaii is appropriately named the pineapple state for their large production of pineapples.

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Which state is appropriately named the Pineapple State?

Hawaii: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._state_nicknames

Name the US state produces that the most pineapples?

Hawaii is appropriately named the pineapple state for their large production of pineapples.

What state is the pineapple state?

Hawaii is known as The Pineapple State.

In which state would you find a farmer growing pineapple?

Hawaii would be the only state warm enough to grow pineapple.

Is the pineapple the state fruit of Hawaii?

Hawaii does not have an official state fruit.

Is a pineapple one of the state food of Hawaii?

There is no state food of Hawaii.

Who is penn state college named after?

Penn State is short for Pennsylvania State. It named after the state which is named after William Penn.

What state does Chad Micheal Murray live in?

Wisconsin, the great pineapple state.

Who named the state Mississippi?

who named the state mississippi

What is the Hawaii state fruit?

Hawaii does not have a state fruit, unofficially I believe it's pineapple.

What state has a capital named Kentucky?

No state capital is named Kentucky. Kentucky is a state; its capital is Frankfort.

What US State was named in 1948?

No state was named or established in 1948.

What state was named for a city in Spain?

No state is named after a Spanish city.

What Australian state is the Big Pineapple in?

The Big Pineapple is in Queensland, near the Sunshine Coast town of Nambour.

What state is bormine?

There is no state named bromine.

What is iowa's state fruit?

I am just going to guess pineapple

What state was Queen Henrietta Maria named after?

The state of Maryland was named after Henrietta Maria.

Which state is named after another state?

George Washington so Washington state

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