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Which Union officer is known for advocating total war on the South?


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William Tecumseh Sherman was the general who theorized and applied the Total War on the South.


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The north was known as the Union. It was the north that did not want the states to be separated.

The south seceded from the United States. The south formed the Confederacy, while the north was generally known as the Union.

no the confederates are the south and the union is the north. Remember that South Carolina broke away from the Union. Then later when all the southerners broke away asap, they became known as the Confederacy (south) and what was left of the Union (north)

rapid movement toward integration

Pope St. Pius X was known for advocating this.

In eastern philosophy The Buddha argued that all things (forms) are impermanent. In western philosophy the first philosopher who is well known for advocating that all things are in flux was Heraclitus. .

He was a pacifist rebel advocating non-violence.

The North, or also known as the Union had more shipyards.Your Welcome

There was alot of bloodshed, and it was fought between the north and the south. Also known as the Union (for the north) and the Confederates (for the south).

Edward Porter Alexander was the best known, and the best the south had.

No, the fought with the Confederate states or also known as the South.

One side was known as the North or the Federal Union or the Yankees. The other was known as the South or the Confederate States or the Rebs and consisted of the states that had seceded from the union of the United States.

They were the first to secede from the Union. South Carolina was one of the richest colonies and is/was known for its beatiful beaches! WOW!!!!

Yes, South Dakota and North Dakota were known as the Dakota Territory before they became states of the Union.

THe best known Union plan was known as the "Anaconda Plan." A plan to "strangle" the south by isolating it from means of communication and supplies. The coast was cut off by a Union blockade, the South was divided at the Mississippi by western troop movements and the U.S. Navy, and third and final part of the plan was the capture of the Confederate capital in Richmond.

The Confederates, also known as the Rebels or the South, were states that seceded from the United States of America. The Union, also known as the Federals or the North, were the states that remained in the US and fought to retain the US as a single country.

No, victory to the American Civil War was conceded to the Union (also known as the North).

No, they were known as the Confederate Union. They had a whole different flag as well.

The two sides of the American Civil War were the Union (also known as the north) and the Confederacy (also known as the south).

In the American Civil War, the two opposed forces were the Union (also known as the North) and the Confederacy (also known as the South).

russia was formally known as the soviet union

In "Williamson Diary," Alice is criticizing Eleazar Arthur Paine, He was known to be a very brutal Union officer. He was known to execute captured Rebels without a trial.

John Pope was a career United States Army officer and Union general in the American Civil War. He is best known for his defeat at the Second Battle of Bull Run in the East.

During both battles of Bull Run (1861 and 1862) as it was known in the North, and Manassas as it was known in the South, Abraham Lincoln was President of the Union (the North) and Jefferson Davis was President of the Confederacy (the South).

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