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How has economic influence the peoples lives?

how haseconomic influence the peoples lives

How does Christianity impact peoples lives?

One way this religion affects peoples life would be, the purification of peoples lives.

What are the effects of floods on peoples lives and the environment?

It distroys peoples lives, familys and friends.

How does a dolphin save peoples lives?

it saves peoples lives by keeping tham from drowning

How did 9-11 change peoples lives?

how did 9/11 change peoples lives

How did the first telephones affect peoples lives?

it affected peoples lives back then because it was a jump in teconology

How did Taylor Swift change peoples lives?

she didn't change peoples lives she could threw her songs...

How did Alexander Graham Bell change peoples lives?

He created a new technology that changed peoples lives in such a way.

How did the camera help peoples lives?

The camera helped peoples lives by showing their ancestors and friends all the good memories that they had.

How has the penicillin changed people's lives?

it has changed peoples lives it has saved there lives when they are sick

How did the radio change peoples lives?

it did not

How do tsunamis affect peoples lives -?


How does government effect my life?

What are 100 ways government effects peoples lives? What are 100 ways government effects peoples lives?

For how long were peoples lives affected by the Holocaust?

peoples lives were affected for a long time after the holocaust including the families of those that had died.

How has Anaesthetics made peoples lives better?

Anaesthetics have made peoples lives better because it can save many lives by not feeling any pain during surgery! Your welcome!

How did hurricane Katrina change peoples lives?

hurricane Katrina did not change peoples lives it killed alot of people and it hurt so of their homes.

How did the Holocaust change peoples lives?

It Changed Peoples lives because there were so many deaths in the holocaust of innocent peole. they were killed for what they belive in.

How does radio influence peoples lives?

the radio has influenced peoples lives in great ways such as pirate radio which helped influence freedom of speech

How the TV has changed peoples lives?

it has changed peoples life by becomign famous on tv,

What does a policemen do that is courageous?

they save peoples lives

Did paper effect peoples lives?


How did castles change peoples lives?


How did the dishwasher change peoples lives?

because it did

How is the radio changed?

it has changed peoples lives

How does the tropical climate affects peoples lives?