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What advancement was made during the Neolithic Age?

using copper and bronze

What revolution took place during the Neolithic age?

The farming revolution took place during the Neolithic Age.

What were houses made of in the neolithic age?

Neolithic age house were made of sun dried bricks and and roofs were made of straw.

Because of specialization during the neolithic age people could?

Have clothes made of cloth

What advancement brought the most dramatic changes in early human history?

Neolithic Stone Age

How did life change for people during the Neolithic age?

Life changed for people during the Neolithic Age because that was when they found out how to make fire.

Who were the neolithic people?

the neolithic people are the people that lived during the neolithic time period AKA new stone age

How were houses made in the Neolithic age?

with rocks...

What metal was the first during the Neolithic age?


What people's trades began during the Neolithic Age?

Some trades that started during the Neolithic age:Gardening/farmingDomestication of animals, herding flocksPottery (late neolithic)ArtistryMetallurgyWritingMerchantry

What jobs did people have during the Neolithic age?

the type of jobs that the people in the neolithic age had were traders, merchants, government personal, priests, or nurses

What was the population of the Neolithic age?

Because of the discoveries made, within 4000 years of starting the neolithic age, the population increased to about 90million.

What commodity was most important during the Neolithic Age?


Where did people live during Neolithic age?

People from the Stone Age (Neolithic age, Paleolithic Age, etc.) lived in Mesopotamia the land between, The Euphrates River, and The Tigris River.

What did the people of the neolithic age live in?

The Neolithic Age

What advances were made in toolmaking between the Paleolithic and Neolithic Age?

in the Paleolithic ages they made tools totally different than the Neolithic ages

What revolution took place during the neolithic revolutions?

the agricultural age

Was irrigation used during Neolithic Age?

sumerian irrigation systems

What animals were domesticated during the Neolithic age?

dogs, lamas, and goats

What were some crops grown in Asia during the neolithic age?


What was not in wide use during the Neolithic Age?

pay attention in class

What was not in use during the Neolithic Age?

Metals - metallic tools, weapons and structures. 'Neo' mans new, 'lithos' means stone, so Neolithic Age is New Stone Age.

What advancement during the Paleolithic Age made communication between people easier?

the use of physical gestures

Which group made significant advancement during the golden age of Islam?

The Abbasids in Baghdad and the Ummayads in Spain. Both were the Sunni Muslims.

What is the new stone age also called?

The Neolithic age..