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Which airlines have direct flights from Los Angeles LAX to Cairo CAI?

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If by 'direct flights' you mean nonstop, there are no airlines that fly from LAX to CAI nonstop. However, most airlines use the terminology 'direct flight' to refer to any flight that does not require a plane change. For example, British Airways might have a 'direct flight' that leaves LAX and stops at LHR to discharge passengers, refuel and pick up more passengers before continuing on to CAI. Generally speaking, direct flights use the same flight number for all legs. Hope that helps.

2006-08-09 14:45:47
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Which airlines have direct flights from Miami Florida to cairo Egypt?


Are there any flights from Cairo to India?

You have huge airlines from Cairo to India. For more information please visit

Direct flight from Lagos -Nigeria to Cairo-Egypt?

The airline which operation direct or indirect flights from Lagos to Cairo are Virgin Nigeria, Egypt Air, Ethiopian Airlines and Virgin Nigeria. The price for tickets is varies from airline to airline and duration of the journey dependent upon the in between destinations for indirect flights form Lagos.

Where can one find cheap flights to Cairo Egypt?

Flights to Cairo, Egypt are rarely cheap because of how far you have to travel. However, you can find discounted flight tickets from Egypt Air or Emirates Airlines.

Is there a direct flight from Toronto to cairo?

yes,Egypt .airlines starts at June 3rd, 2013

What is flying time from UAE to Egypt?

For direct flights, about 3 hours flying time from Dubai to Cairo.

Does Malaysia airlines travel to Cairo?

No, Malaysia Airlines no longer flies to Cairo, Egypt.

What airlines travel between Cairo and Delhi?

No airline flies direct to Delhi from Cairo. Connecting services (one transit) are available via several of the middle-eastern airlines (Emirates, Gulfair, Royal Jordanian, Kuwait Airways etc.). Egyptair flies to Mumbai direct from Cairo, though.

How long is the flying time from jhb to cairo?

For direct flights, about 10.25 hours flying time. This is time 'in the air' and excludes ground activities.

What is flying time from luton to Egypt?

For direct flights, about 4.5 hours flying time to Cairo. This is time 'in the air' and excludes ground activities.

How many hours does it take to fly from Cairo Egypt to Thailand?

A direct flight from Cairo (CAI) to Bangkok (BKK) takes 8 hours 20 mins. Indirect flights typically take 12-16 hours.

Are there flights between Jerusalem Israel and Cairo Egypt?

There is no longer a functioning airport in Jerusalem. But there are flights from Ben-Gurion International Airport (near Tel Aviv) to Cairo.

How many miles is it from Los Angeles to Cairo Egypt?

Distance from Los Angeles to Cairo is 12,231 kilometers or 7600 miles

How long is flight time from Dubai to Cairo?

4hr 05min to 4hr 15min Dubai (DXB) To Cairo (CAI) by a nonstop flight operated by Egyptair, Emirates Airlines or Singapore Airlines.

How long does a direct flight from Atlanta to Cairo take?

there are no direct flight from Atlanta to either have to transit in new york or europe.

How long does a flight from Cairo Egypt to Bucharest Romania?

Cairo-Istanbul-BucureÅŸti: 4h 40 min with Turkish Airlines

What areas does Egypt Airlines fly to?

The Egypt Airline is typically scheduled on a daily basis to fly from the United States, Los Angeles International Airport and disembark at Egypt, Cairo International Airport.

Can you fly from Cairo to Petra?

Not a direct flight.

What is the flight path from Sydney To Cairo? will asnwer ur question

How do you reach Cairo from Kolkata?

The shortest way is via Mumbai (BOM), Egyptair has regular flights from Mumbai (BOM) to Cairo (CAI) nonstop.

What is the distance from Maryland to Cairo Egypt?

There are no non-stop flights between the two cities. However, from KBMI to KATL to Cairo the flight time is 17 hours.

Do the Turkish airlines have routes from Dulles airport to Cairo International airport?

No, they don't fly to Dulles.

How long is the flight from Cairo to jeddah?

2hr 00min to 2hr 05min Cairo (CAI) to Jeddah (JED) by a nonstop flight operated by Egyptair or Saudi Arabian Airlines.

What is the flying hours from jeddah to Cairo?

2hr 10min to 2hr 15min Jeddah (JED) to Cairo (CAI) by a nonstop flight operated by Egyptair or Saudi Arabian Airlines.

What is the air mileage distance from Los Angeles California to Cairo Egypt?

The air distance from Los Angeles, California, to Cairo, Egypt, is 7,596 miles. That equals 12,223 kilometers or 6,600 nautical miles.