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The Singapore Airlines fleet features exclusively wide-body aircraft from three aircraft.

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Q: Which airlines have only wide body aircraft in its fleet?
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How many airlines has all wide body aircraft in its fleet Southwest does not have a single wide body aircraft in its fleet very few has all wide body aircraft fleet like EK n SQ?

There are only few airlines has wide body only fleet, such as Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific.

Does Delta Airlines have TVs on the back of each seat?

Not on every aircraft. Right now only the widebody aircraft (some wide body aircraft don't they are being installed though) and select 757 and 737 have them. They are infact installing it on all of their 757-200/300 fleet, 737-800 fleet, 747-400, md-90.

What type of aircraft is used in indigo airlines?

indigo airlines uses only airbus a320 .

Does an airline have the right to buy an aircraft while under Chapter 11?

Most airlines don't buy their own aircraft outright. Most aircraft in North America are leased from brokerage firms and such. Therefore an airline under chapter 11 can gain more aircraft into their fleet , only if they find a brokerage firm that's willing to risk it and lease them one !

What is the airline with the smallest fleet?

Nepal airlines only 2 boeing aircrafts but only 1 in

Does Southwest Airlines fly to Europe?

No, as at February 2013, Southwest does not fly out of the USA. It has purchased AirTran Airways and by absorbing its routes, will soon be flying to Mexico. It only has Boeing 737 aircraft in its fleet which are not capable of reaching Europe.

Where to find info about passenger aircraft?

With most airlines theres only one way and that's to ask the travel operater about the aircraft. Mattyashy

Who is Open Skies Airlines owned by?

British Airways owns Open Skies Airlines. Open Skies Airlines was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Rungis, France. It is a small airline with a fleet of only three planes.

What Reason recruitment for flight attendant?

Newer airlines, mostly low-cost airliners extend their scheduled services by adding more flights to a certain destinations and/or adding more aircraft in their fleet. All flight attendant have only a required working hour based on FAA regulations (I just forgot how much hour it was) thus plenty of fleet/services yet lacking or man power so they recruit more and more. Legacy airlines also play a major role, as they are extending their destinations competing with other airlines; acquiring bigger planes, frequency of flying over a certain destination same thing happens over the low-cost airlines. A best example of these growing legacy airlines is the Arabian airlines: Emirates, Qatar, and Etihad as they are opening new destinations every month/year adding more and more flights and more aircraft.

What would an aircraft with white tail signify?

basically, aircrafts are manufactured only when airlines place an order due to exorbitant cost. but at times ,they are manufactured in order to have uniform production. when an aircraft is made with any oder by any airlines or due late cancellation of oder are called white tails.

Is the cabin same as the cockpit on an aircraft?

No. The cockpit refers to the now secured area where the controls for flying the aircraft are located. Access is only for pilots, navigator, and authorized employees. It is in the very front of the plane and has a windshield, like a car. The cabin is the part of the plane where the passengers are seated. (This applies only to passenger aircraft that airlines use)

What airline are in china?

the only airlines that I know of are northern china airlines and southern china airlines

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