Which ancient language was first spoken on earth?

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The Adamaic Language. Known as a pure language that Adam and Eve spoke communicating with G-d.


The previous answer has no scientific validity. The current linguistic theory identifies the first human language as Proto-World, or Proto-Human, and may have been spokean as far back as 200,000 years ago.
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What was the very first language spoken by humans?

Answer: Sanskrit was the very first language spoken by human. Prove1-: Maatri is Sanskrit word means Mother In Hindi it is Mata. And in German it is matair and in English it is Mother. Prove2-:Gow is Sanskrit word means Cow. So cow is also related to Sanskrit So Sanskrit is first language spoken b ( Full Answer )

Is Latin still spoken as a first language?

"No, people in the Vatican learn Latin but only after they have learned Italian or another language." False. Latin is still spoken as a first language in a very small area in Romania. Romania has a very small population spread out over a lot of land, and so it is often overlooked that a small port ( Full Answer )

What was the first language spoken in the world?

The first language is a hypothetical concept known as Proto-Worldor Proto-Sapiens. it existed sometime between 200,000 years ago and50,000 years ago. It has no writing and it is only a hypothesis. It is also possible that different languages emerged at roughly thesame time in different parts of the ( Full Answer )

What is the first language spoken by man?

The origins of spoken language lie in our more developed ancestors and would have been a simple proto-language, not as complex as our language today (which has a much broader range of sounds and complex grammar). Communication would have began with the unspoken language we still use today, body lang ( Full Answer )

When was the German language first spoken?

All modern languages derive from earlier versions that changed slowly over time from older languages into the forms we know today. It is not possible to identify a specific date upon which any particular language was first spoken. In the case of the German language, the earliest evidence of the use ( Full Answer )

What languages were spoken in ancient Rome?

Latin was the language ancient Rome, but Greek was used bythe upper classes who admired Greek culture. Greek was also thefirst language of the Greek cities in southern Italy (eg Naples wasa Greek city nea = new, polis = city). Greek was also the lingua franca of the east. Afterthe western ( Full Answer )

What is the most spoken language on Earth?

The most spoken language on Earth is Mandarin-Chinese , with an estimated 1.12 billion speakers, worldwide. English is the second most used language, with approximately 480 million speakers. Spanish is the third most used language on Earth with approximately 320 million speakers. Native-tongue s ( Full Answer )

What is the first language spoken in the us?

If you are asking what the most commonly spoken first language is in U.S. homes, it's English. If you are asking what the first language spoken in North America was, no one knows, because the first Americans didn't have a writing system.

What languages were spoken in ancient India?

Sanskrit and other dravidian language. Sanskrit was introduced byAryans who invaded India around the year 1 CE, so technically itwas an European language. The south somehow was able to save someof the ancient languages and later on there was a huge mixing. Asaryans were powerful, and Sanskrit was a ( Full Answer )

What languages were spoken in ancient Scotland?

The celtic language of Scotland is Gaelic, or Gàidhlig. Along with Irish and Manx ( from the Isle of Man) it is part of the Goidelic branch of celtic languages. Whereas Welsh and Cornish are from the Brythonic branch. Gaelic came to Scotland between the 3rd and 6th centuries CE, pushing ( Full Answer )

What languages were spoken in ancient Baghdad?

Baghdad was founded in the eighth century by the Abbbasid Caliphs. It was from its foundation an Islamic city, in an area where both Arabic and Persian were spoken. The name if the city is probably of Persian origin.

What languages were spoken in ancient mesopotamia?

THe languages of Mesopotamia have been: . Akkadian . Eblaite . Elamite . Phoenician . Semilic . Sumerian They used a form of writing called "cuneiform" which involveddifferent triangular shapes pressed into wet clay. It was used formany languages, just as most of the letters in Engli ( Full Answer )

When was first language spoken -- 6000 BC?

Linguists refer to the first language ever spoken as Proto-World, but it was spoken long before 6000BCE. It is also called Proto-Sapiens, and Proto-Human. The current theory states it was spoken between 100,000 and 200,000 years ago.

What is the first known language that was spoken?

It is impossible to say exactly what is the first known language.. The first well-documented languages were: 1. ASIA- Sumerian cuneiform, South Mesopotamia (Iraq) in the 5th millennium B.C. , and Chinese ideograms, 4th millennium B.C. 2. AFRICA- Aegyptian hieroglyphs ,4th-3th millennium B.C. ( Full Answer )

What language was spoken in Ancient Ireland?

The main language now is English, which has taken over from Irish,although Irish is still spoken. The answer you may be looking foris Irish, but there have been people in Ireland for thousands ofyears, so it cannot be certain what language the very first peopleto arrive in Ireland spoke. it has alwa ( Full Answer )

What languages were spoken in ancient Europe?

Europe has, and has always had, a wide range of languages. Europe has never been united with one language. Most European languages share common roots. Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and French are all derivatives of Latin. Whereas German, Dutch, English, Swedish and Danish are based on Proto-German. S ( Full Answer )

What language was spoken in ANCIENT china?

Old Chinese was spoken by the Hua people. It is hotly debated what the important Dongyi people on the east coast spoke, perhaps a northern branch of Hmong. The red-haired, green-eyed Rong people in the west spoke a mixture of Turkic and Indo-European Tocharian. In the Yangtze Valley and South China, ( Full Answer )

Second most spoken language on earth?

The second most spoken language on earth is Spanish. Nearly all of south America and Mexico speak it, and many europeaners learn it as a second language.

Where is Spanish spoken as a first language?

Countries listed by population: (Listed by population of residents, not Spanish speakers) Mexico (North America) Colombia (South America) Argentina (South America) Spain (Western Europe) Peru (South America) Venezuela (South America) Chile (South America) Ecuador (South America) G ( Full Answer )

What language was spoken by the ancient Romans called?

Latin Romans originally had their own language (Roma Romanae). So did the Etruscan, Sabine, Iberian people who used forms of Latin. As Rome expanded the Latin people became citizens and little by little Latin became the ruling language, however it was mixed with the Greek and Roman, which has tu ( Full Answer )

What known language was first spoken?

It's a hard question to answer. We probably can't tell what the first spoken language was, but it is likely that some form of language existed among humans before they migrated out of Africa. The earliest known written language is Sumerian.

What is the first spoken language on earth?

The first language ever spoken was sumerian. Mesopotamia was the first civilization ever to speak and use hieroglyphics. Answer: The previous answer has no scientific validity. The current linguistic theory identifies the first human language as Proto-World, or Proto-Human, and may have been spok ( Full Answer )

What languages were spoken in ancient Egypt?

Primarily the Pre-Coptic dialect of the Egyptian language. They spoke a language that today we call "Egyptian", though it musthave had a different name in ancient times. It's in the Afro Asiatic family. It was one of the first recordedlanguages in history, and it was spoken all the way up until ar ( Full Answer )

What languages were spoken in ancient Greece?

Being Greek meant that you spoke Greek. There were several dialectsused by the different peoples who made up the Greek world - mainlyAeolic, Doric and Ionian, but it became based on Classical Greek2500 years ago. The ancient Greeks spoke a language that we call Ancient Greek. Ancient Greece people s ( Full Answer )

What was the first language spoken by monkeys?

Monkeys don't technically "speak" any language. (While we're getting technical: I'm not sure off the top of my head if there have ever been any language studies done on "monkeys." Apes, yes; monkeys I'm less certain of.) Several species of great apes (chimpanzees and gorillas for sure) have shown t ( Full Answer )

What species of human was the first spoken language?

There is no concensus among scientists one which species first used spoken language. Many believe that Homo Sapiens and Homo Neanderthalensis were the ONLY two species to use language.

Where English language is spoken first?

English originated in England and is spoken as the first language in many parts of the world that were part of the British Empire - namely the United States, Canada, Australia, New-Zealand. It is also the official language of other countries that were part of the Commonwealth (frequently along with ( Full Answer )

What languages were spoken in Ancient Persia?

The language of the modern Persians is Farsi, with many dialectswithin Iran along with Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Sometimes otherIranian/Iranic languages of this region are included in this, suchas Kurdish, Baluchi, and various other minority languages. The language of the Persians which fought the ( Full Answer )

Which is the first language people spoken?

Its probably Hebrew or Arabic and if you want to speak English learn how to spell it. Your q should have been what was the first language spoken

What language was spoken in Britain first?

Unfortunately, recorded history didn't begin until the Roman invasion, in AD 43. No literature of pre-Roman Britain has survived, and no written language has ever been found, despite DNA-analysis of a human presence that can be traced as far back as 25,000 years ago, before the last Ice Age. So apar ( Full Answer )

What languages were spoken in ancient Britain?

Latin would be the earliest British language however you must remember that what we now know as Britain has not always been British (the Romans used to own it). ====== The Romans conquered Britain between AD 43 until ca. AD 410 and during this period introduced Latin. However Britain has a cul ( Full Answer )

What were the first four ancient languages spoken?

It is impossible to know because writing developed thousands of years after spoken language. We only have a record of the last 3,000 or 4,000 years but humans (homo sapiens) have been around for 100,000 years. It is likely that pre-human hominids such as homo erectus had language.

What languages were spoken by the ancient Israelites?

Hebrew, until the late 1st Millennium BCE, when Aramaic (introducedby Persia) and and Greek.(by Alexander) became common. Hebrewbecame a ceremonial language used in daily prayer andTorah-learning, continually throughout the centuries.

What was the language spoken in the first American kindergarten?

The language was English, because it was located in America. However, in the first Kindergarten, it was german. This is because it is made up of two german words, Kinder and Garten. Because the man who first created these described children as plants and teachers as gardeners, the term kindergarten ( Full Answer )

What language was spoken before the ancient Romans?

There were many languages which were spoken in the Roman Empirebefore the Romans arrived, Italic languages, Etruscan, Illyrianlanguages, Greek, Syriac, Phoenician, Hebrew, Egyptian, Berberlanguages, Iberian languages, Celtic languages. etc.

Is English the first spoken language?

Not at all, there are far older languages than English. English as we know it came into being only after the Norman conquest of 1066, at which time the previous Anglo-Saxon language acquired a strong French influence. Many other languages had already existed for thousands of years before English fir ( Full Answer )

What languages were spoken in ancient Sumer?

The Sumerians spoke a language we now call Sumerian, but which they themselves referred to as eme- ĝir . The word eme means tongue, and ĝir has been variously translated as "princely" or simply "native". A separate but closely-related dialect of this language, known as eme-sal ("thin" ( Full Answer )

What languages were spoken in ancient Macedonia?

They had their own Macedonian language, however the upper classspoke Greek. When Alexander was giving orders to a mixed army, hegave them in Greek, and there were interpreters to translate forthe Macedonian soldiers. Macedonians spoke Greek. . The evidence of the language of the Macedonians has bee ( Full Answer )