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Birds and sea otters, will eat sea stars.


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easy.think about a sea animal and what it eats. then think about what THAT animal eats

Woody. Woody eats Sea Bass.

A sea star is an obnivore because it eats meat like clams and mussels and eats plants like sea weed.

Sea star is another name for echinoderm star fish or sun star, which is a marine animal with spiny skin. Echinoderm means spiny skin in Greek, hence the name. Sea turtles, basking sharks, and sun fish are just a few of the predators of sea stars.

some herbivorus animals eats star cactus

Sea star and the star fish are the same animal.

the sea star is in both animal and plant group

A sea star eats mainly mollusks. It does this by using the water vascular system in its body to attach itself the the shell of its prey. The prey resists, but over time, its muscles become tired, and the sea star inverts its stomach into the shell to suck in the animal.

what eats a sea star and how does it protect itself

well an frided bird eats sea turtles so it can take it to there nest and feed there babies.

A sea star is another name for a starfish which is not a fish but an animal called an echinoderm.

The hippo and prehistoric creatures

Yes because it eats stuff like mussels and sea weed.

The Campteropis, they live deep in the sea and look like shrimps.

all i can think iswhalesharkbigger fish

shark, orca (killer whale) =)

check and get a life losers!

the pearl fish the pearl fish

Tiger sharks are know to eat loggerhead and green sea turtles.

star fish ,sea urchin sea ,sea cucumber .

The Chiton's predator is the sea star and some types of octopus.

A sea star isn't necessarily either. It eats whatever floats by it, but its mostly particles, seeing as a sea star doesn't have that good of a digestive system.

Really big animals but otherwise none

Baby Sea turtles in tropical and temperate waters

Yes, sperm whales eats them

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