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The are snakes and fish. fish dont have any because they have gills instead. And snakes dont have anything the use there stomach and slides on it.

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Q: Which animal has 4 no feet at all?
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What animal can see all 4 of its feet?

A Cow can see all four of its feet if it turns its head to one side or another.

Shortest animals or species in Asia?

idk but there is an animal with feet so small that all 4 of them can fit on a penny

A animal that has 4 feet and starts with a?


Definition of an animal with 4 feet answer is 9 letters and ends in ped?

An animal having four feet is a quadruped which means four-footed or having four feet.

What is the conditional form of all dogs have four feet?

If the animal is a dog, then it has four feet. (A+ Answer)

What are some slogans in Animal Farm?

"4 feet good 2 feet bad"

What animal has the longest nerve cells?

about 4 feet

What is 4 feet equal how many feet are there in all?


What do you call a animal with 4 feet?

It is a Quadroped.

What is the perimeter of a square if all sides is 4 feet?

It is: 4+4+4+4 = 16 feet

Do all mammals have 4 feet?

No not all animals have 4 feet. Humans are mammals and only have 2 feet so therefore, not all mammals have 4 feet. Some mammals don't have any legs at all. For example, the dolphin. Hope this helps :)

What animal can see all four of its feet at all times?


How tall is this animal?

depending on what animal ur talkiung bout most animals range from 2 - 5 feet if ur talking bout a animal with four legs a animal with 2 is usually 4 - 6 feet tall!

What is a 4 footed animal called?

An animal that has four legs is called a quadruped, quad meaning 4 and ped meaning foot. Similarly, an animal that has two feet are called a biped.

Which animal is the largest?

You can say which is the biggest land or sea animal. For a sea animal, the blue whale, at 100 feet long and over 100 tons. As a land animal, the Elephant, at 8 and 1/4 tons and 23 feet long.

Which animal has 6 hands?

Most insects have 6 feet. Only mammals have hands, and all of them have 4 members, so two hands is the maximum.

An animal with no feet?

an animal with no feet is a earthworm

Animal with 2 feet?

All birds, kangaroos for a start.

An animal that walks on all four feet is called what?

A quadraped.

What animal has the biggest feet in the world?


Are webbed feet in the duck a mark of an animal that is not kosher?

all ducks have webbed feet, it helps them swim.

How big is the biggest animal?

Blue whale is the largest animal of all times. The recorded weight of this animal was 209 tons, with the length about 98 feet.The tallest animal is a blue whale which is 33meters long or 108ft.

How many feet is 4 x 4?

16 feet (all you have to do is just multiply the 2 numbers)

How much is 2 feet and 24 inches?

It is 4 feet, in all.

How tall is a grown tiger?

A tiger on it's 2 feet is 7-10 feet tall .but if it is on all 4 it is 3-4 feet tall