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Which animal waddles?

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Answered 2012-07-06 00:34:55

Ducks and geese

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Answered 2020-05-23 07:57:28

Ducks and gosses.

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Typically birds with webbed feet waddle, such as ducks and geese, and penguins.

Waddles Coddles Remodels

Roosters and hens have combs and waddles to cool themselves. We sweat to cool ourselves, and chickens have combs and waddles to cool themselves.

It is a penguin. It waddles, and it swims.

the quail- it waddles like him.

No, wild turkeys do not have waddles.

It waddles,sqwaks,and is aggresive. It can swim!

It waddles like a g brushing off its shoulder.

bad Furby bad! * waddles fingers *

when it is fat and and waddles alot and tries to make a nest

it is rather boring, it waddles around doing nothing

It waddles, gallops awkwardly, or climbs trees. It uses its legs/claws.

No. Only Male Turkeys have red waddles......:)

Some people call them water waddles

The Ty Beanie Boos penguin is called Waddles.

Family Feud answers: Duck, Penguin, Pregnant woman, toddler

No, I have a silkie rooster and his comb is smaller than my hens'

The only turkeys that have wattles are the males. The wattle is used by the males to court the females.

A platypus walks (or waddles) on land, breeds on land, and digs burrows on land for its shelter.

Probly waddles like a Go to PetSmart and watch one..

to water from spreading further from its origins They are more appropriately called "straw waddles," since they are rarely made from hay. They help to control soil erosion by blocking water flowing at high speed, while helping to trap moving soil particles within the mesh of straw.

3/4 of what it normally an beause it waddles everywhere so it doesn't change much

as the crow flies 1022 miles as david waddles 10 months

yes they do, some you can barely see, some are very large, the thing on top of their head is a comb, the bottom is a waddle.

icy tux kobe zippers feathers penny penelope waddles sparkles linguine (mostly for yellow eyed penguins) pedro WADDLES SALMON KIPPERS TROUT FLAPPER Linguine (Especially Yellow Eyed Penguins) Pedro Ludwig Zidgel Midgel Fidgel Kevin Kathleen Anissa Talina Claria

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