Which animals don't have hearts?

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As far as i know there's only one species of animal that does not have a heart and that is a jellyfish.
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Reasons why starfish don't need a heart?

Starfish have a well-structured system of tubes that works in lieuof the circulatory system. What passes for this circulatory systemuses ocean water instead of blood. A starfish doesn't have a heart,but water running through the arms and feet provides oxygen.

Why don't young people get heart attacks?

They have yet to develop physiological changes that cause diseases and disorders that compromise the heart to the point of heart attack. Theie bodies are able to compensate far more than older people.

Why don't animals cells have chlorolplasts?

Animals dont have chlorolplasts because one we are not plants and two we have evolved in a way that we never needed to perform photosynthisis our cells make enough ATP with the mitocondria already.

Why don't worms have hearts?

They do, otherwise, how would they pump blood?. They have 5 hearts, according to wikipedia and several science websites. (You can look it up if you need proof.)

What animals don't have a back bone?

well there is a lot perhaps too many to list but most bugs have no backbone except the butterfly (exo skeleton) and the octopus does not i know slugs do not

Which animals don't sweat?

The Pig doesn't sweat. Therefore, it doesn't release toxins from it's body as other animals are able to including, humans.

What animals don't have hearts?

All animals have hearts, but their hearts are located in variousareas of the body. Single celled organisms, however, do not havehearts.

Does anybody believe that animals have a say in things if your answering this don't give me that bull that animals don't have the intelligence at least they think with their hearts more than we do?

Since you put this under Christianity, then I'll base my from the Christian Bible. Genesis 9:2 And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, and upon every fowl of the air, upon all that moveth upon the earth, and upon all the fishes of the sea; into your hand ( Full Answer )

What happens to your heart if you don't exercise?

when you don't exercise your heart starts to collect fat, your heart's arteries start to get stuffed with fat and in result it make it harder for your heart to send blood around your body. Sometimes (well most of the times) when that happens you usually end up of having diseases such as heart attack ( Full Answer )

Which animals don't eat other animals?

There are many types of animals who don't depend on eating other animals for survival, they are called herbivores, just some of these animals are.... Deer . Zebra . Hippo . Elk . Moose . Horses . Goat . Some Turtles . Rabbits . Musk Rats . Mallard (Ducks) . And much more...

If you don't have CAD can you have a heart attack?

yes people have been known to have whats called vasospasms that occur that constrict the blood flow spastically long enough for tissue to die there causing an heart attack...some drugs can also cause this by constricting the vessels too much, like cocaine.

What happens to you if you don't have a healthy heart?

Well i think if you dont have a healthy heart you will dide or got a bad illness!!!! I am not exactlly sure but you know what just to be on the safe side make sure you watch what you eat and exercise!!!! So you will have a healthy heart!!!!! :)

What is something plants do that animals don't do?

plants make their own food while animals don't. plants make their food in a cycle called photosynthesis. plants are called "producers" because they produce their own food.

How is it that we don't look like animals?

Its the way god made us. :-) . well it seems that most are physical differences from animals were because of the discovery of fire, as the primal human {the stage between thee ape and the human} discovered fire he discovered a warmth source and so he did not need his body to be coverd with hair ( Full Answer )

Why don't guys have hearts?

As guys, we do have hearts. It's just that some guys are only after one thing. These would be mainly the "public high school" guys. I am in a private school, and I can easily tell you that none of us are after just that in a girl. I love my girlfriend with all my heart and she is my world, and sexua ( Full Answer )

Do's and don'ts for heart health?

Do eat a low-saturated fat, low red meat, low fried-food diet. Also, consume many fresh vegetable and fruits. Eat omega-3 fatty acids, in the form of fish and flax seed oil. Exercise. Take a baby aspirin a day (as long as you have checked with your doctor first). Don't eat processed, sweetend foods ( Full Answer )

Why do animals have a heart?

The same reason we do, since we are animals too. We have a heart to pump oxygen and nutrients aronud the body and even waste products to be taken to the correct places

Why don't all animals have bones?

Answer: Because some have another way to hold their bodies up and protect their internal organs, and therefore they don't need bones. More... The ones who don't have internal skeletons/bones are called Invertebrates. This group includes more animals than those who are Vertebrates (who do have ( Full Answer )

Who sing don't go breaking my heart?

While it has been covered many times, "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" was originally performed by Elton John and Kiki Dee.

What fats don't contribute to heart disease?

Monounsaturated fats are the "good" fats. You want to especially avoid saturated fats and polyunsaturated fats should also be limited. Switch to monounsaturated fats as much as you are able. Examples of sources of monunsaturated fats are walnuts, avocado, and olive oil.

What do you do if you want to love someone but your heart don't?

Usually, when you want to love someone, so does your heart. Its about what the heart wants. Dont go and dive into it just because of the looks, that's probably why your heart doesn't want to love him/her. Its because your heart cares about the personality of that person, not just the looks. ( Full Answer )

Why don't heart cells reproduce?

So that you don't get overgrowth of the heart and so it can't get cancer because of this. Usually in a heart attack it damages the heart leaving it weak because it can not repair itself, once the cell is damaged it stays damaged.

Why don't all animals have hearts?

All animals have hearts cause without hearts they would all die. and also humans, well all living and moving things need hearts so the could live and beside they should have hearts or else that would be really creepy. wait is this a joke or you Sirius

What animal heart is close to the human heart?

Pig hearts are similar to human hearts in both their size,structure and function. Due to this (and their plentiful nature)pig hearts are often used for medical research purposes andacademic study.

What animals don't have placenta's?

Fish, birds, crocodiles, insects, lizards, amphibians, and pretty much anything that isn't a mammal or gives live birth.

What happens if you don't take care of your heart?

The heart is all a muscle. Like other muscles, it needs exercisebeyond its usual daily pumping. Also, if a person is overweight,fat cells also collect around the heart. Fat makes the heart workharder without any good gains. Eventually, a person can develophigh blood pressure or heart disease.

What happens if don't conserve animal?

If we don't conserve an animal the species number will drastically decrease and resulting in extinction of that particular species. If one species become extinct it could trigger off a chain reaction and many species will be threatened.

Do animals have a joint that humans don't?

What I can think of is that snakes, they can dislocate their jaw to fit mice or other large prey in their mouths. Hope this helps! Sorry for the other person's anwer!

What animals don't talk?

All animals can't talk although some mammals can say a few simple words if they are trained but still no animal can talk

Why don't animals have chloraplast?

animals dont possess chloroplast as they depend on others for food. they dont prepare their own food by photosynthesis.....exception-euglena a protozoan has chloroplast ..

What animals don't have ganglia?

A ganglia is a collection of nerve cell bodies. The hydra do nothave ganglia. Instead, they have special cells for detecting touch.

Why don't animals have to brush their teeth?

The real question is why do we. Granted, humans and animals have had dental problems throughout history. Even in ancient times, humans had rudimentary dental procedures, including drilling cavities and frayed branch toothbrushes. Animals in the wild eat a lot of natural foods and drink a lot of w ( Full Answer )

Why don't animals have to have good hygiene?

Humans have "good hygiene" based on a concept that can have very little to do with health/ sensible cleanliness. Many human "hygiene" practices, daily bathing, sanitizing, disinfecting, constant hand washing that dries out the skin, etc can actually be detrimental to health and can diminish the fu ( Full Answer )

Where is the heart in a animals?

The heart is typically located in the upper abdomen of an animal. Although this can vary in some species of invertebrates, that is the usual location.

What happens if you don't get a heart transplant?

If you are a healthy person and your heart is in good conditionthen nothing will happen if you don't get a heart transplant. Youdon't need one. If you are suffering from some sort of heart failure and there areno alternative treatments than a heart transplant than you willeventually die when your he ( Full Answer )