Which aquatic body is the most productive ecosystem?


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Estuaries are the most productive ecosystems.

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Littoral Ecosystems are one of the most productive marine zones. It is also called as costal ecosystem.

Terrestrial ecosystems - in order, from most to least productive:1. Swamps, marshes, tropical rain forests (most productive)2. Temperate forest3. Northern coniferous forest (taiga)4. Savanna5. Agricultural land6. Woodland and shrubland7. Temperate grassland8. Tundra (arctic and alpine)9. Desert scrub10. Extreme desert (least productive)Aquatic ecosystems - in order, from most to least productive:1. Estuaries (most productive)2. Lakes and streams3. Continental shelf4. Open ocean (least productive)

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Swamps and marshlands offer the three key habitat requirements - shelter, food and water.

An aquatic ecosystem can be divided into three categories: stationary such as in ponds, flowing such as in rivers and streams, and marine. The aquatic ecosystem is home to a variety of fish, plants, insects, and amphibians. The Marine ecosystem being the most abundant of all the ecosystems. The desert ecosystem is marked by the lack of rainfall, so not all deserts are hot. They are also marked by the barren landscape with little to no vegetation. Organisms that live here must be highly adapted to the dry conditions. The forest ecosystem are know for the trees and vegetation. They can range from the lush rain forest in the southern hemisphere to the more temperate forest of the deciduous and conifer trees, to the conifer forest that stand on the outer edge of the arctic circle.

In a broad sense, the Benthic Environment. Specifically speaking, Coral Reefs are most like a tropical rain forest.

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Most aquatic organisms reproduce by using the external fertilization method. This occurs when the female releases her eggs into the water and they are fertilized outside of the body by the male.

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