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Most general purpose computers support multiple users simultaneously. Pretty much anything that runs Linux, Windows, or Mac OS have this capability.

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How are Micro computers different from Mini computers?

They are many different things between Micro and mini computers Micro Computer support one user at the same time desktop computers PDA laptops these are called Micro computers or Carry Along computers Mini computers support many users at the same time powerful than micro and expensive

What are the benefits of the multi user operating system?

Multi users OS support many users. So many people can utilize the resources of the computer. They generally are multi tasking computers which are faster.

How many computer users are there worldwide?

About 2,000,000,000 computers worldwide

What is an information system for multiple users?

A system for multiple users may have many computers and peripheral devices.

What is a database accessible by many users on different computers known as?


How many users can support 8MB broadband internet?

300 users can have in 8MB broadband internet access.

How many computer users in the world?

Who are the users of supercomputers?

There are so many variables to climate and weather climatologists make use of these computers.

How many people own computers worldwide?

According to the CIA World Factbook there are an estimated as of 2005 there were 1,018,057,389 internet users worldwide. How many actually own computers is questionable.

How many users can use mini computers at a time?

250 users can work in mini computer at a time

How many computers can run off of a wireless modem at one time?

The amount of computers that can simultaneously use a wireless modem depends on how many users the router can serve (which is usually four).

How many computers can windows xp support in a network?

All which has copitable hardware

Why is cross-platform connectivity important to many computer users?

Users want to communicate with one another, without being restricted by incompatibility between different types of computers.

Is there any anxiety and discomfort about computer?

Yes, many users usually have anxiety and discomfort about their computers when it suddenly shuts down.

What is meant by the term server?

A server can either connect a cluster of computers, or be used to store Web pages that can be retrieved by users. Most such computers are classified as minicomputers and can process many connections.

What are two types of technology used in organzational internets?

To name just two of many:Servers Technology - Hardware & Softwares: Serving different services to the connected users & computers.Network Technology: Supporting widely distributed users & computers over different Transmission & Interconnecting devices.

How many people worldwide use computers?

There are approximately 900 million computers throughout the world. On average there is about two people sharing one computer which equals 1 billion computer users.

How many computers can a t3 line support?

none. it's more about servers and global it issues

What technical support is available to owners of Toshiba laptop computers?

The official Toshiba Support websites offers many resources to owners of Toshiba laptop computers. You can enter the number of your model and read frequently asked questions; if this does not solve your problem, you can contact Toshiba Support directly.

Are most computers consisting of many computers and are usually connected by a networking devices such as a hub switch or access point?

Most computers today consist of many processors. Most business computers are connected via hub/switch/access point. Most broadband home users are connected to an access point, only fraction of current home computers use a hub/switch.

What are the four classification of computers?

MAINFRAME COMPUTERMINI-COMPUTERMICRO-COMPUTERSUPER-COMPUTERThere are many computers which are different from each other in various aspects. Classification of computers are given below.(1) Micro computers: These computers use a microprocessor chip and this chip is used instead of CPU means that this microprocessor chip works as a CPU.These computers are also called personal computers. Two major types of these computers are laptop or Desktop computers. Only one user uses these computers at time that's why they are also known as personal computers.(2) Mini Computers: These are powerful computer. These computers come into existence in 1960s at that time mainframe computer was very costly. Mini computers were available in cheap prices, so users start using it.(3) Mainframe Computer: It as a very powerful and large computer. You can get idea of its power as it can handle processing of many users at a time.Terminals are used to connect a user to this computer and users submit there task through mainframe. Terminal is a device which has keyboard and a screen. By using terminal users put inputs into the computer and get the output through screen.(4) Super Computers: As the name "super computer" specifies that these are most powerful computers even than mainframe. Actually, when we optimize a mainframe computer then we get super computer.(5) Microprocessor: You will find these computers everywhere. Microprocessor chips are used in many devices as I-pod, DVD, headphone etc.

What aspect of BASIC was particularly frustrating to many computer users?

Different computers' versions had used completely different commands for routine things

What is a computer that stores files and programs that many users can share?

All computers store files and programs. And a user is just anybody AT ALL who USES the computer, so to share it with multiple users... Simply Let Many People Use the computer.

How many users can be on the network at once?

Depends on the network. Peer-peer = 10 computers other networks can have as many as they want. Generally 253 hosts is on one network.

When FDM is used how many users can be support?

It is based on the band width of the system and bandwidth located to each channel in it.