Which are the rivers in kerala?

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  • Periyar River
    • Edamala River
    • Cheruthoni River
    • Mullayar River
    • Muthirapuzha River
    • Perinjankutti River
  • Bharatapuzha River
    • Thuthapuzha River
    • Gayathripuzha River
    • Kalpathipuzha River
    • Kannadipuzha River
  • Pamba River
  • Chaliyar River
  • Chalakudy River
    • Parambikulam River
  • Kadalundy River
  • Achankoil River
  • Kallada River
  • Muvattupuzha River
  • Valapattanam River
  • Chandragiri River
  • Manimala River
  • Vamanapuram River
  • Kuppam River
  • Meenachil River
  • Kuttiyadi River
  • Karamana River
  • Shiriya River
  • Karingode River
  • Ithikkara River
  • Neyyar River
  • Mahé River
  • Keecheri River
  • Perumba River
  • Uppala River
  • Karuvanoor River
    • Kurumali River
  • Anjarakkandi River
  • Tirur River
  • Neeleshwaram River
  • Pallikkal River
  • Kallayi River
  • Korapuzha River
  • Mogral River
  • Kaveripuzha River
  • Thanikkudam River
  • Manam River
  • Thalassery River
  • Chittary River
  • Ramapuram River
  • Ayiroor River
  • Bangra Manjeswara River
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Where is Kerala?

Kerala is a state in South India on the Malabar Coast.

How many rivers are there in kerala state?

Kerala has 44 rivers which 41 are west flowing and 3 flow east. Apart from these 44 main rivers, their tributaries and distributaries and a countless number of streams and riv

Which are the 44 rivers in kerala?

Periyar River (244) . Bharatapuzha River (209) . Pamba River (176) . Chaliyar River (169) . Chalakudy River (169) . Kadalundy River (130) . Achankoil River (128) . Kall

Why is TN government not allowing kerala to constuct new dam istead of mullaperiar in priyar river?

The reason behind this much hyped question is that the Kerala Government is wanting to build a new dam thus reducing and eventually stopping water supply to Tamil nadu. Thi
In Kerala

Why there is somany rivers in kerala?

There are 44 rivers in Kerala. 41 of the rivers flow westward and the other 3 flow east. Many of the rivers are fed by monsoons and made into rivulets. Some rivers are not big