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All the stuff that's smaller than atoms ... those particles that make up atoms.

They are the protons, neutrons, electrons, quarks, neutrinos, etc., including

all of the other bosons and leptons.

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Definitions of sub atomic particles?

Sub-atomic particles are even smaller particles that make make an atom

What are the three sub atomic particles?

The 3 sub atomic particles are the Proton, Neutron, and the Electron.

What are three sub-atomic particles?

The three sub atomic particles are protons, neutrons and electrons.

What are the sub atomic particles for john daltons model?

protons,neutrons and electrons are the sub atomic particles

What two sub atomic particles are found in the nucleus?

In basic chemistry and physics the sub atomic particles are protons and neutrons

Are protons particles?

Sub-atomic particles to be exact. But yes they are.

Sub atomic particles consisting of?

The sub atomic particles Neutrons and protons consist of Quarks while electron itself is a fundamental particle.

What sub-atomic particles are present in the nucleus?

They are protons and the neutrons. Electrons are another sub-atomic particles but they revolve around the nucleus.

Electrons are the only sub-atomic particles not in the?

atomic nucleus

What sub atomic particles get involved in chemical bonding?

These particles are the electrons.

What atomic particles are negatively charged?

Electrons are the negatively charged sub atomic particles found in the atom

Particles can only be seen with a microscope why?

If by "particles" you mean sub atomic particles... then the answer is in the question.

What are Protons or neutrons present in atomic nuclei called?

Sub-atomic Particles

What is the basic part of matter?

Sub-atomic particles.

Is electrons a nonmetal?

No. electrons are sub-atomic particles.

What is protons electrons and neutrons mass and charge?

Protons are positively charged sub atomic particles with a mass of about 1 amu.Neutrons are neutral sub atomic particles with a mass of 1 amu. Electrons are negatively charged sub atomic particles with a mass 1837 times less than that of the protons.

What are connected because they are both sub-atomic particles?

atoms and hydrogen are bothe connected to make sub atomic particals.

What are sub-atomic particles?

They are neutrons, protons and electrons.

Lowest level of biological organization?

sub-atomic particles

In an atom protons are what?

Positively charged sub-atomic particles

Which sub atomic particles cause isotopes to appear?


What sub atomic particles are present in the nucleus?

Protons & neutrons.

How many leptons and quarks are there in a sub atomic particles?


What types of particles are proton and neutrons and electrons?

sub atomic

Which sub atomic particles are located in the nucleus?

protons and neutrons

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