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Charlemagne (742 - January 28, 814), also known as Charles the Great or Charles I, was was king of the Franks and Christian emperor of the West.

He founded the Carolingian Empire, reigning from 768 until his death.

He expanded the Frankish kingdom, adding Italy, the Saxons and Bavarians, and part of Spain.

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What is the area of Villiers-Charlemagne?

The area of Villiers-Charlemagne is 27.57 square kilometers.

What country did Charlemagne rule?

France I think.

What areas did Charlemagne rule?

he ruled Europe

What countries did Charlemagne rule?

France, Italy,

How did counts and inspectors help Charlemagne effectively rule his empire?

During his rule Charlemagne used his counts and inspectors to assure loyalty of all of his subjects

Which people did Charlemagne rule?

the franks[modern france]

Who helped Charlemagne rule his empire?

the lords messengers

Did Charlemagne rule Anglo-Saxons?

no he didn't

What part of Europe did Charlemagne rule?

Western Europe.

How long did Charlemagne rule?

768 - 806 38 years

When did Charlemagne Rule Part of Europe?

345 - 678 AD

How many years did Charlemagne rule?

From the years 768 - 814.

What regions did Charlemagne conquerr but did not rule?

Brittany, Croatia, Bohemia, Lombardy .

What was the holy roman empire like during the rule of Charlemagne?


How did Africa get taking over by eurpoe?

Africa is a continent so you need to ask about a particular area or country.

What years did Charlemagne rule the Holy Roman Empire?

Charlemagne ruled the Holy Roman Empire from December 25, 800 to January 28, 814.

Who was the French ruler who believed in absolute rule and the divine right of kings?


When did Charlemagne rule the carolingian empire?

Chalemagne was emperor from 768-814 AD

Europe came under the rule of one emperor when was crowned emperor?


How long did Charlemagne rule as the empire of the Holy Roman Empire?

46 years

Europe came under the rule of one emperor when was crowned emperor.?


How did Charlemagne use missi domenici to help him rule?

This helped him rule in that every man took an oath of loyalty only to him.

What is the nickname of eurpoe?

Assuming that you mean Europe, not eurpoe, there is no nickname. Europe is a continent and they don't usually have nicknames.

Europe came under the rule of one emperor when?

In 800 AD under Charlemagne.

Is Germany in Eurpoe?