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Upper left arm. This puts it as close to your heart as possible.

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Q: Which arm do you wear black armband to mourn death?
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Why do you wear black clothing when someone has died?

to mourn to the death of the person who died

Which arm do you wear a black armband on as mark of respect?

"You would wear it on your right arm." Is not correct. A black armband should be worn on your left arm. The reason for this is that the armband represents the deceased and by wearing the armband you are wanting to keep the deceased close to your heart. Your left arm is the one closer to your heart.

Why did Queen Victoria wear black?

Queen Victoria began to wear black after the death of her husband, Prince Albert. She continued to wear black, and mourn Albert's death, until she died.

In Thailand what color does a widow wear to mourn her husbands death?

Purple I think

Why did Franklin D Roosevelt wear a black armband after the Pearl Harbor attack?

The black armband is a symbol of mourning. FDR wore it to show that he was mourning the senseless loss of lives after the Pearl Harbor attack.

Why does the soccer captain have to wear an armband?

They don't! They wear it to indicate to their players, the opposition, the referee and the spectators that they are the captain! No special Law that states they have to wear an armband!

What to wear that begins with the letter A?

anklet, armband,

Something you wear beginning with a A?

armband... a type of jewelry

WHAT is another name for the muay thai armband?

armband called Prajioud and the one that you wear over your head called Mongkol

Are swastika armbands legal to wear in Germany?

No. You can't wear a swastika armband in Germany

What did the Germans force Jews to wear?

An armband with the Star of David.

Why does Robin Roberts wear an armband?

I think she has a PICC line.

Why does Carmelo Anthony wear an armband?

He wears an armband so that sweat dripping from his shoulder and upper arm doesn't get on his hand and make it slipery.

Why does Michael Jackson wear an armband?

it stands for all the children suffering in the world.

What is the symbol on shmuel's pajamas?

✡ That symbol is the Star of David. It symbolises the Jews. Shmuel, being a Jewish prisoner at Auschwitz death camp, must wear the Jewish armband.

Who was the doctor in charge of the black death?

There was multiple doctors in charge of the black death. They had to wear big suits to protect themselves. ._.

Something you wear starting with letter A?

anorakarmband (swimming )ankletSebarau -x-

Why does Allen Iverson wear his armband?

It's actually a sleeve and it keeps his shooting arm warm.

Who wore armband in ancient Egypt?

Kings and queens wear armbands made of gold and silver.

Does anyone sell black armbands that you can wear on Valentine's Day?

Yes, several people do. Try sports stores and ebay. An online search for black armband will get you some results, and you can choose your style. Some are stretchy, others are velcro-attached.

Did Queen Victoria wear black as a symbol of Albert's death?

yes she did

What did the Jewish people have to wear on there clothing?

Most common was a yellow star of David on the chest and back, there were variations in time and location, sometimes it was an armband and sometimes the armband was a blue star of David on a white background.

Are guy skater suposes to wear an armband on the right or left arm?

There is no right answer to this question because it doesn't matter where you wear your armband if you even choose to wear one at all. It's all about having your own personal style and preference, if it feels more comfortable on the right then that's great, but it's not necessary to skate.

Why does the phantom like to wear black?

because black is the symbol for death and the phantom is looking for its next victim..

What happened if a Jew didn't wear an armband in Germany during World War 2?

they would get killed

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