Which authors wrote novels on the subject of 'rags to riches'?

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Horatio Alger, Jr. (1832-1899) is the U.S. author that most people associate with rags-to-riches tales. He wrote several dozen novels, all on this theme.

Charles Dickens (1812-1870), Britain's most popular author and public speaker of his day, wrote many books which featured rags-to-riches themes.

Charlotte Bronte (1816-1855), Author of the classic Jane Eyre.

Daphne du Maurier (1907-1989), Author of Rebecca, My Cousin Rachel, and many others.

Rags-to-riches has long been a popular story theme, including classic folk tales and fairy tales whose authorship is lost to history: Aladdin, Cinderella, Dick Whittington, etc.
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Who wrote Maple Leaf Rag?

It was Scott Joplin who was an African American and he also wrote the Entertainer, Elite Syncopositions and Swipsey. He died on November 24th 1917

Who is the author of rags to riches?

There are multiple books with the title, Rags to Riches. One waswritten by Barbara Sullivan, another was written by Tom Leding, anda third was written by Alice Vosper.

Who wrote rags to riches?

Horatio Alger, Jr wrote Rags to Riches. He was a 19th centuryAmerican author, mostly writing children literature and his notablework was Ragged Dick.

Who wrote novels about the English moors?

Hound of the Baskerville's by Arthur Conan Doyle, Ivan Van Sertima, David Mac Ritchie, J.A. Rogers, Sheik N. Pleasant Bey to name a few.

Who wrote rags-to-riches?

The song, 'Rags to Riches' was written by Jerry Ross and RichardAdler in 1953. It became a gold record for Tony Bennett.

Which author wrote the historical novel Spartacus?

The author of the novel Spartacus was written by Howard Fast. To insure the historical accuracy the film, a historical consultant and technical adviser named Vittorio Nino Novarese was hired.

Did rags to riches foal?

The first foal produced by champion and classic winner Rags to Riches was born on Monday, March 9, at 9:30 pm, at Ashford Stud near Versailles, Ky. Rags to Riches, owned by Derrick Smith and Michael Tabor, had a Giants Causeway filly. "She had a nice filly foal," said Dermot Ryan, general manager ( Full Answer )

Wrote a series of book rags to riches?

The author of the series of books called The Regency Rags to RichesSeries is Jade Lee. The series consists of 4 books titled "No Placefor a Lady", "Devil's Bargain", "Almost an Angel", and "The DragonEarl".

What is the subject of the novel twilight?

Twighlight is basically the story of a teen girl (about 17) called Isabella Swan, who falls in love with a vampire named Edward Cullen. Bella then seems to draw probles with the vamire world from every direction, the head council of vampires telling her she'll be dead either as a vampire or for good ( Full Answer )

Is racehorse Rags to Riches still alive?

Yes, of course, unless she was euthanized. She was born in 2004, so is going to be 6 years old this year, 2010. By now she should have at least 2 foals if she has been bred. For more info do some research or read this: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( Full Answer )

Who sang theyll never go from rags to riches?

Tony Bennett sang this song; it was also sung in a clip from "Happy Days" by Carmine Ragusa (Played by Eddie Mekka). You can watch the clip here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4lIdHGIArQ Doc

What was the subject about which Thucydides wrote?

The Peloponnessian war. It was the war between the democratic city state of Athens and the olygarchy (a few men had the power) of Sparta.Sparta had good infantry,, Athens had good navy. Sparta won. The war crippled both cities financialy and military.

Who wrote 'Ragged But Right'?

The song was written by an unknown person, but was made popular when George Jones partially rewrote the song. Thanks. Yes George Jones is a more recent singer but it was recorded years before his time by Wilf Carter I am guessing in the late 1940's but I believe someone recorded it long before tha ( Full Answer )

Who wrote the Hornblower novels?

The Horatio Hornblower novels were written by C.S. Forester. The Happy Return (U.S. Beat to Quarters ) was the first novel written in the series (but not the first in the story chronologically) - published in 1937.

Who wrote the Maple Leaf Rag and was known as the king of ragtime?

Scott Joplin was the composer of the Maple Leaf Rag, and was otherwise regarded as "the king of ragtime". Another interesting fact about Mr. Joplin is that he held most of his event's entrance cost at one cent, hence the name "Penny Rag".

Who wrote the novel Sweeney Todd?

The stories of James Malcolm Rymer and Thomas Peckett Prest ( The String of Pearls ) that portrayed the antagonist Sweeney Todd were originally published in serialized form in The People's Periodical and Family Library from 21 November 1846 to 20 March 1847 in seventeen issues and later as an anth ( Full Answer )

Who wrote the first crime novel?

Crime fiction became a subject only around 1900. Earliest known crime novel is "The Rector of Veilbye" by the Danish author Steen Steensen Blicher published in 1829. Better known is Edgar Allan Poe with "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" in 1841.

Why was the idea of rags to riches a result of industrialization?

When rags to riches came out, it encouraged and empowered those that they too could become prosperous. It led them to believe that anyone on the streets could become lavishly rich, like Andrew Carnegie. Since all these people went out to create businesses and start their own industries, it created n ( Full Answer )

What 1956 movie can be called a rags to riches oil film?

Giant, where a poor oil driller finally strikes oil big time. James Dean plays the poor oil driller. This was a big step for Dean at the time as he played with block buster stars Liz Taylor and Rock Hudson.

Who wrote the novel Billy Elliot?

In 2001 Melvin Burgess wrote the novelization of the film Billy Elliot (2000), the screenplay of which was written by Lee Hall.

Who wrote the novels?

There are many authors who might have written one of several novels. Some of the famous writers who have written novels recently include Stephen King, Daniel Silva, Claire Chilton, and Alex Flynn.

What are all the subjects Shakespeare wrote?

Shakespeare did not write subjects, he wrote plays and poetry.Those plays and poems address all kinds of different subjects, farmore than you could list exhaustively.

What author wrote the novel Beloved?

Toni Morrison is the author of the book called, Beloved. The book itself is available in Hardcover, Paperback, Audio CD or Audio book, and also for the Kindle Edition. It has a red cover.

What does rags to riches refer to?

'Rags to riches' is a common archetype used in literature and a catchphrase from popular culture that refers to the experience of rising from an impoverished state to extreme wealth, usually within a relatively short period of time.

Who wrote the novel 'The Book Thief'?

Book Thief was written by an Australian writer Markus Zusak. The book is set in the World War 2 era of Nazi Germany. The book was inspired by his German parents, the bombing of Munich, and seeing a teenaged boy offering bread to an emaciated Jewish prisoner and them both being wiped by a soldier as ( Full Answer )

Who wrote the novel 'Bleak House'?

Charles Dickens is the author of the novel Bleak House. It was written between 1852 and 1853 and contains 20 installments within. It was one of the greatest novels Dickens wrote.

Who wrote the novel Three Kingdoms?

"Three Kingdoms: A Historical Novel" was written by Guanzhong Luo. This fictional account was published by the University of California Press in 1999.

Who wrote the novel Jamaica Inn?

Jamaica Inn was written in 1936 by Daphne du Maurier, an English author who also wrote 'The Birds' and 'Don't Look Now'. All three were adapted into films by Alfred Hitchcock.

Who wrote the novel Master and Commander?

The novel Master and Commander was written by Patrick O'Brian. It was published in 1969 and is the first book of the Aubrey-Maturin series. The novel takes place in the time period of the Napoleonic Wars.

Who wrote the novel Mattimeo?

Mattimeo is a fantasy novel by Brian Jacques, published in 1989. It is the third book in the Redwall series. It is also one of the three Redwall books to be made into a TV show.

Who wrote the novel 'City of Bones'?

'City of Bones' is a young adult novel written in 2007 by the female author Cassandra Clare. Cassandra Clare wrote the amazing novel 'City of Bones' for the world to enjoy.

Who wrote the novel Husband and Wife?

The novel Husband and Wife is a deeply human funny, smart, tender and self-aware book written by Leah Stewart who was born in 1973 at Laughlin Air Force base in Texas.

Who wrote the 1904 novel Nostromo?

The novel 'Nostromo' was written by Joseph Conrad. The novel is about a mine of silver in the fictional country Costaguana, and the corruption the riches cause.

Which author wrote the novel Cinder?

The novel 'Cinder' was written by Marissa Meyers, it was published in 2012 by Macmillian Publishers through Feiwel & Friends under the genres young adult/ romance/Science fiction/ dystopian.

Who wrote the novel 'Change of Heart'?

Jodi Picoult wrote Change of Heart. The novel is a story of about seeking redemption but being denied by law due to red tape. This book was a New York best seller.

Who wrote the novel The Celestine Prophecy?

The Celestine Prophecy is a novel written in 1993 by James Redfield. The novel discusses a variety of psychological and spiritual ideas which are grounded in Eastern Traditions of New Age spirituality.

Who wrote the novel Brighton Rock?

The novel Brighton Rock was written by Graham Greene. It was published in 1938. It is a thriller set in the 1930's and was made into a film in both 1947 and 2010.

What actors and actresses appeared in Rags to Riches - 1922?

The cast of Rags to Riches - 1922 includes: Wesley Barry as Marmaduke Clarke Snitz Edwards as Purist League member Eulalie Jensen as Mrs. Blackwell Clarke Sam Kaufman as Tony Aileen Manning as Purist League member Ruth Renick as Mary Warde, an orphan Russell Simpson as The Sheriff Dick Sutherland as ( Full Answer )