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the Basketball will have more potential energy than the rest due to its weight.

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Q: Which ball has the greatest kinetic energy a marble basketball beach ball or a table tennis ball?
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Which item will have the greatest kinetic energy a marble basketball beach ball tennis ball?

A basketball

Which item will have the greatest kinetic energy a marble a basketball a beach ball or tennis ball?

It's a marble Audene.

Which has more kinetic energy basketball or marble?

That depends how large the piece of marble is, and how fast each is moving. If you take a regulation basketball and a basketball made out of marble, and throw both of them with the same speed, the marble has more kinetic energy. But if your throw is any good, they both follow the same arc, and they both sink, for a total of 4 points.

What energy does a marble have when it is dropped?

Kinetic energy is moving energy

Which item will have the greatest kinetic energy a marble a basketball a beach ball or a tennis ball?

If they're moving at the same speed, then the one with the most mass will have the most kinetic energy; that's probably the basketball.If they're not moving at the same speed, all bets are off.

Is a marble rolling along at the bottom of a ramp potential or kinetic energy?

First of all, you can say that a marble HAS energy; saying that it IS energy is incorrect. Basically, any moving object has kinetic energy.

Is a marble rolling along at the bottom of a ramp kinetic energy?

Kinetic energy means energy through movement, so yes, it is. Any movement is kinetic energy.

What is the energy conversion when a marble is released from a ramp?

Potential Energy changes to Kinetic Energy.

After rolling halfway down an incline a marble's kinetic energy is?

The same as it's potential energy

What type of energy did the roller coaster car marble have at the bottom of the first hill?


Which type of energy is being converted into kinetic energy as a marble falls from a shelf?

Gravitational Potential Energy, also known as GPE.

What forces make a marble roll down a hill?

well according philosophy the content in which it prevails is the amount of potential energy which is at the top and the amount of kinetic energy which hits the marble as it is going down because potential mean position and kinetic means motion so a marble in motion would be kinetic energy. Gravity has a big roll in this chasm as well because gravity cause speed: if you try a lab experiment with a marble, you will know what this means

What is the main energy form that makes a toy marble roll cross the floor?

the main energy is called kinetic energy as that is energy for movement xx

How kinetic energy effects changes of state?

Kinetic energy effects changes of state because it is when energy that has been held up inside the object (aka potential energy), is finally released. For example: On a roller coaster, the cart goes up a hill. At the top of the hill, right before it is about to go down another hill, it has potential energy, or stored up energy. Then whe it is going down the hill, all the energy is released and now the energy is in the form of kinetic. Another example: A marble is attached onto the end of a string. You pull the marble back. While being held back, the marble has potential energy. When you let the marble go, that energy turns into potential energy, because it is in motion. Defintions: Potential energy: Energy that is stored up Kinetic energy: Energy in motion

If a marble is in a tube starting as potential energy and turns into kinetic energy but the marble goes in a loop and goes to a stop what type of energy is that called?

You have converted potential energy to kinetic and then back to potential. If the marble came back exactly to its starting point you would have invented perpetual motion, but in fact it will lose a little energy in friction against the tube so it will gradually lose energy and eventually just stop at the lowest point of the tube.

If you made a roller coaster out of tubes and a marble represented the cars where does the marble get the initial energy it uses to go through the tubes?

You ate food.Your body took energy from the food and stored it in your muscles.You transferred the energy from your muscles to the marble, when you LIFTED the marble against gravityand placed it on top of the roller coaster. Up there, the energy it had was potential. As it fell to lower heights,that potential energy became kinetic energy.

What has more kinetic energy a bowling ball or a marble moving at the same speed?

The one that's more massive.

What causes the change in the marble's energy when it is released from a different height?

It gains kinetic energy while losing potential energy. There is also some additional energy loss due to entropy,

Is the inertia of a marble greater than a basketball?


How does kinetic energy turn into potential energy?

Kinetic energy can turn into potential when an object goes fast and then there is a part where there is too much friction or a part is to high , that is where it kind of stop (potential) , but if it continues going it turns into kinetic all of a sudden. A good example is where you roll a marble and there is a high hill , the marble may not make it so it turns into potential if someone pushes it or it burly continues moving to a part where there is a part that it goes down (it goes fast because of gravity). I hope that answers your question :-)

If marble rolls across the table does it posses potential or kinetic energy?

The equation is K.E. = ½ * mass * velocity2 Kinetic energy is a measure of an object's energy due to the fact that has mass and is moving. So as long as the ball has mass and is moving, it has kinetic energy. Since all tables have friction the marble will slow down as to rolls and lose some KE. Potential Energy = mass * acceleration due to gravity * height. However since the ball is on a table (height), it also has potential energy. If one end of the table is a little higher than the other, it will gain potential energy as it rolls up the little hill, of course as it rolls up that little hill, it will lose the same amount of kinetic energy as the potential energy it gained. This is called "Conservation of Energy".

What will hit the ground first a basketball or marble?

the marble ball will hit first. because it has more mass.

Why a Basketball and marble have the same acceleration to fall from a highplace?

Because the acceleration due to gravity is equal for both of them. However, a basketball has more air resistance than the marble does, so it will slow down a bit where the marble will be slowed less.

How do waves transfer enery from one place to another?

That varies, depending on the type of wave. The marble experiment is especially illustrative. Put a few marbles (say, 3) in a row, so that they touch. Make another marble hit the group - the marble is in the same line with the other marbles. O --> O O O The interesting outcome is that the marble that hit the group gets to rest... and the last marble shoots away. What happened? Each marble hit the next marble - transferring almost all the kinetic energy in the process.

Rolling marble potential or kinetic?

Depends on whether it is rolling on a level surface or an inclined plane.

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