Which band performed at stings wedding?

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Sting's neighbour was Reg Presley and his band,The Troggs played at his wedding.I know cos' I was there !
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What are wedding bands?

Answer . \nWedding *bands* is another way of saying wedding rings.\n. \nAre you referring to the publishing of "Banns"? This is where the intention to marry is announced in your local church. The idea is that people in the church would know whether you can get married or not (say you're still ( Full Answer )

How do you get the license to perform a wedding?

Answer . You have to be ordained a minister. Look in your community for non-denominational churces and see what it takes to become certified. You can also be a captain of a boat or a notary to perform marriages.

Can a civil servant perform a wedding?

In most states within the United States, only one specific 'publicservant' may perform a wedding, and that is the Notary Public. Somestates do allow marriages to be performed also by sitting (orcurrently active) judges. However, most states also allow anyminister of any religion and/or denomination ( Full Answer )

Why do you wear wedding band on the left?

The weddin gband is worn on the left hand because it is closer to the heart than you right hand. This is also why the band is worn on the inside and your engagement ring should be on the outside.

What is the origin of the wedding band?

The meaning of the wedding ring can be traced back almost 5,000 years. It is said the wedding ring tradition was first originated by the Egyptians who some 4,800 years ago twisted plant material (such as hemp) into rings and bracelets.. They believed the round symbolism of wedding rings was linked ( Full Answer )

Where can a priest perform a wedding?

Where priests normally perform their sacramental functions- a church. The church has always frowned on novelty or unorthodox weddings- such as in parks, indeed out of doors ( one can always take pictures of wedding parties in a park- why not) - but the ceremony is a Sacred one- best done- In a Churc ( Full Answer )

How do you pick a man's wedding band?

You can pick out a man's wedding band based on the personality ofthe groom. There are masculine, plain bands and fancy jeweled ones.If you have a doubt, bring him along and ask his opinion or justbuy the rings together.

In KY who can perform a wedding ceremony?

Any ordained or licensed minsters, clergymen or a justice of thepeace may perform a wedding. It is the bride or groom who decideswho they would like to marry them.

Can your engagement ring be your wedding band?

The best way to do that is by buying bridal sets. The engagement ring has been used by brides in the past as the wedding ring. The best way is to get a simple band for the wedding so as not to overpower the engagement ring.

When do you need wedding bands?

I'm just guessing here but I'm gonna say ..when you get married...they are called WEDDING bands after all!

What hand do you wear a wedding band on?

If I'm not mistaken, it could be different in other countries. But in America, or at least what I know is the left hand.(finger closest to your pinky). Could be different in other parts of America....

How much gold in a wedding band?

The amount of gold in a wedding band, depends on the karats. If awedding band is 14 karat gold, that means 14 parts of 24 parts isgold.

What is a tungsten wedding band?

Tungsten is one of the hardest elements found naturally on earth. On a MOHS hardness scale (1 being weak, 10 being the strongest), tungsten has a 9. Gold is 4, titanium is 6, and diamonds are a 10. A tungsten wedding band will be virtually scratch proof and able to withstand hands-on activities, suc ( Full Answer )

How do you tell how old a wedding band is?

Unless there are specific hallmarks on the inside of the ring, there really is no way to tell. There may be clues based on the style, but that is not definitive.

Who can perform weddings?

A Justice of the peace, Clerk of court, Notary or an ordained minister can all perform legal weddings. Check with your particular state as some rules for this can change.

Who performs Romeo and Juliet's wedding?

Shakespeare did not write about zombies. Both title characters committed suicide. Dead people cannot get married- Perhaps buried in marital clothes, but this has never been suggested in Shakespeare. Come on, weddings are for living people, not stiffs.

How are wedding ceremonies in Germany performed?

In Germany, people bring old porcelain to throw down in front of the bride and groom, to wish them a happy, lucky life. It is called Polterabend. Another tradition is driving the bride's furniture to her future home in a cart, with musicians playing in it. The groom greets her with a mug of beer and ( Full Answer )

Are gold wedding bands in?

The current market trend is leaning towards white metal wedding bands. White gold, platinum, titanium and tungsten steel are all very popular now. However, since this is a ring you will be wearing for many, many years (hopefully), you should choose a metal you like. Don't worry about what is in or o ( Full Answer )

What are the names band members in sting?

Dominic Miller (guitarist), Vinnie Colaiuta (drums), David Sancious (keyboards), Peter Tickell (electric fiddle) and Jo Lawry (vocals). .

How do you wear your wedding band after a divorce?

Most people do not wear the ring any longer. Otherwise, relocate it to another finger. Restyling the ring or adding stones will only help you spend money, not add to the ring's value.

What is the value of a 10k wedding band?

The yellow gold soft metal alloys wedding ring it is in the marketprice speculation over the last two decades ... In today worldmarket is a new discover Classic " SOLID WHITE GOLD FORMULA " from1920's very good in durabuility, stable price, Life TimeGuaranties, or Money back !!! Look for it !

How does the ifugao perform there wedding ceremony?

Today's generation, Ifugao wedding ceremony as far the people in Ifugao is concerned is being practiced in a lot of ways. First is through a church wedding which depends on the kind of religious sect the family of both bride and groom belong. Second is through civil wedding being performed by local ( Full Answer )

Who performs the wedding if secular?

A secular officiant would perform it. In most states, there is a procedure that a person would go through to get authority to perform a marriage ceremony, and it is automatically granted to certain officials, such as the justice of the peace or a judge. If you are looking for a secular officiant, g ( Full Answer )

How much do they charge to perform for a wedding?

The cost of a civil marriage will depend in your choice of venue and date, and whether you are having guests attend the ceremony. You will need to contact your local registration office for current costs and further advice. So there is less charges if it is a civil one.

Can you have colored diamonds in a wedding band?

Of course. A wedding band can be formed from any material: a cigar band, a length of string and so forth. The wedding band is a symbol more than anything else. What it's made of -- or the colour of the stones mounted in it -- might also be symbolic to the couple involved in the marriage.

Were weddings performed on the titanic in 1912?

My research into the ship's history for its 100th anniversary, reveal no evidence of any weddings taken place during its maiden voyage. However, a US couple were married in a mini-sub, resting on the foredeck of the wreck, a couple of years ago. So - no weddings on the ship in 1912, but one we ( Full Answer )

Where are same-sex weddings performed?

Same-sex weddings can only be legally performed in states and countries that have legalized same-sex marriage. [See related questions below for a list of those jurisdictions.] In those places, same-sex weddings can be performed in all the usual places (city hall, catering hall, rented spaces), excep ( Full Answer )

Where can you find unique wedding bands?

Every marraige is as unique as the two people in the relationship. Many couples choose to celebrate that fact with something other than a traditional gold or silver wedding band. Most jewelers have unusual pieces in stock or can create them based on specifications. Contact your local jeweler for bes ( Full Answer )

How can you get sized for a wedding band?

Getting sized for a wedding band is very important who would want a loose ring falling off? There are two ways to get your wedding band sized, one is to go directly to a jeweler store and have it sized there. Another way is to obtain a paper sizer, most online catalogs will send one place it on your ( Full Answer )

Can you cut a tungston wedding band?

A Tungsten wedding band is made of a very strong metal, that is very durable and will not scratch. It would be very hard to cut a Tungsten wedding band because of the strength and durability of the metal they are made from.

Who performed the weddings in the middle ages?

A priest. ----- Most weddings of the Middle Ages were not performed in a church, and in many places, a wedding only required a man and a woman swear to each other that they were taking each other as spouses. The people who performed the wedding were the people getting married. No priest was nee ( Full Answer )

Do Muslim wear wedding bands?

Answer: Muslims who follow Islam strictly avoid doing anything that the Prophet did not do, so they avoid wearing wedding rings. Many Muslims do wear them, but the religious Muslims who are "orthodox" say that it is only an imitation of the People of the Book.

What is a titanium wedding band?

"A wedding band made of titanium will be strong, but light weight. Titanium is an element, like silver, gold and platinum. A titanium wedding band could be a good choice because it's 100% hypoallergenic. Titanium is very durable and won't tarnish."

Do you return wedding band after divorce?

That is entirely up to you. There are no laws telling you what to do. Some give it back, others keep it and some sell it or turn it into another piece of jewelry. Answer No. A wedding band is a valuable piece of jewelry and there is no reason to give it back. Wedding bands are exchanged at th ( Full Answer )

Has the president ever performed a wedding?

Weddings are normally a sacerdotal, that is a priestly function, not one done up by Politicians. There have been White House Weddings- but these were conducted by Clergy, Julie Nixon Eisenhower had one, if I am not mistaken, immediately prior to the Watergate. ( Close the emergency doors!)

Can a priest perform a legal wedding?

Yes, a Priest can perform a legal wedding if both parties are Catholic. If one is not then they may have some red tape to go through in order to be married in a Catholic Church.

Who can perform a wedding ceremony in Alabama?

Any registered religious officiant can perform a wedding ceremony, such as a pastor, priest, rabbi, priestess, etc. Also, most judges can perform a wedding ceremony.

Is a mans wedding ring his wedding band?

If he has a wedding ring then yes. If he has a wedding bracelet or necklace in it's place then they would be his wedding band. If it is a ritualistic tattoo, piece of clothing or (girls only) red dot on the forehead then they would not be considered wedding bands.

Where can you rent cheap wedding bands?

Wholesales are very affordable to purchase or rent cheap wedding bands for a wedding. Walmart has them as well. They have a site called Sarraf that has beautiful wedding bands and very affordable.

How is a Jewish wedding performed?

The Orthodox wedding has four parts. The first two parts are under the Chuppah (wedding canopy). Before the ceremony gets underway, the two families meet and agree upon tanaim (what their respective financial support to the couple will be). This may take place at any time before the wedding. Jus ( Full Answer )