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Sting's neighbour was Reg Presley and his band,The Troggs played at his wedding.I know cos' I was there !

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Who performed Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne's wedding ceremony?

His band after the wedding ceremony.

What was the name of stings first band?

The Police

What do you do with an engagement ring after the wedding?

You wear it over your wedding band as though it were guarding the wedding band.

What is the most common wedding band for men?

The most common wedding band for a man is no design and a plain gold wedding band.

What is the duration of The Wedding Band?

The duration of The Wedding Band is 2640.0 seconds.

Why is anne burrell wearing a wedding band?

its not a wedding band, it's a shag band! lol

Does the man wear his wedding band during engagement?

No, he doesn't wear his wedding band until after the wedding.

When was The Wedding - band - created?

The Wedding - band - was created in 2003.

Which hand do you wear your wedding band?

left hand is the hand you wear your wedding band

Is Stephanie Abrams of the weather channel married?

Stephanie wears a wedding band. So the answer is yes. Stephanie wears a wedding band. So the answer is yes. She has no wedding band, no the answer is no!

What does it mean if you dream about a band?

An answer requires more information: a rock band? a marching band? or a wedding band? There are many possible meanings to the word. Moreover, a dream might picture a marching "band" playing wedding music, which could be interpreted as a "wedding band."

Should you show her the wedding band you bought with the engagement ring?

Sometimes the engagement ring and wedding band come together, but whether or not it does or doesn't you can certainly show her the wedding band.

Do men wear a wedding band before the wedding?


Should the fiancee see the wedding band before the wedding?

Yes, the fiancee should see the wedding band before the wedding to make sure she likes it and that it fits.

What is the order in wearing an engagement ring and wedding band?

The engagement right is worn outside the wedding band.

Who pays for the womans wedding band?

The groom usually buys the engagement ring and the wedding band to go with it.

Does the groom's wedding band have to match the bride's rings?

No, the grooms wedding band does not have to match the bride's rings.

Should you use your mother's wedding band?

There is nothing wrong with wearing your mother's wedding band as long as your fiance is fine with that idea. Often if a wedding band is handed down from one generation to the other it's acceptable to wear that band.

Does the bride buy the wedding band for the groom?

It is customary for the bride to buy the wedding band for the groom. A

Why is the wedding band place in front of the engagement ring?

the wedding band locks in the promise signified by the engagement ring

What are the ratings and certificates for Wedding Band - 1989?

Wedding Band - 1989 is rated/received certificates of: USA:R

Is it a must to wear wedding band on the forth left finger?

It is traditional to wear a wedding band on the forth left finger. Some European people wear their wedding bands on the right hand. If you want to wear your wedding band on a different finger then do so.

What does 14KB stamped on a wedding band mean?

typically in 5th century mythological text a wedding bandwas known as bandetwas the greek word for band of love.

Is a Jewish wedding invalid if it was performed on the last day of succoth?

Good question. The Jewish wedding may be valid if the wedding was performed at sundown.

Is a mans wedding ring his wedding band?

If he has a wedding ring then yes. If he has a wedding bracelet or necklace in it's place then they would be his wedding band. If it is a ritualistic tattoo, piece of clothing or (girls only) red dot on the forehead then they would not be considered wedding bands.