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The Band that performs Randy Orton's entrance theme is called " Rev Theory ". The song is entitled "Voices ".

He previously has used:

  • "Blasting" by Jim Johnston, it was used from April 2002 until February 2003.
  • "Evolve" by Jim Johnston, it was used from February 2003 until June 2003.
  • "Line in the Sand" by Motorhead, it was used from July 2003 until August 2004, the again from April 2014 until June 2014.
  • "Burn in My Light" by Mercy Drive, it was used from August 2004 until May 2008.
  • "This Fire Burns" by Killswitch Engage. It was to be the theme for Randy Orton but it instead became the theme song for Judgement Day 2006.
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Who sings Randy Ortons entrance theme song?

Randy Ortons theme song is titled " Voices " By: Rev Theory

What is wwe randy ortons entrance theme called?

Randy Orton's current entrance theme is called 'Voices'

What is randy ortons theme song?

Randy Orton's entrance theme song is Voices by Rev Theory.

Randy ortons entrance?

If you want to know his entrance theme is "Voices" by Rev Theory

What is the name of randy ortons entrance theme?

Randy Orton's theme song is called "Burning Inside My Light" by Mercy Drive.

What is randy ortons theme song called?

Randy ortons theme song is called voices

Randy ortons theme song called?

randy ortons song is called voices in my head

Randy Orton theme song?

Randy ortons song is called voices

What Are Randy ortons theme songs through the years?

Well Randy Orton had the entrance song "Burn In My Light" by Mercy Drive but now uses the song "Voices" by Rev Theory

Randy ortons old theme song?

Burn In My Light but i do not know who sings it

What is Randy Ortons old WWE theme song called?

His current theme is Voices by Rev Theory.

What is randy ortons them song?

Burn in my light by mercy drive(old theme.) Voices by Rev theory(current theme.)

What is the name of randy ortons song?

His theme song is called "Voices" and it is by the band Rev Theory

Who performs Jeff Jarrett's TNA entrance theme?

Dale Oliver preforms Jeff Jarrett's entrance theme.

What band Randy ortons old theme song?

If you mean the "Burn in my Light" song its Mercy Drive

Can you get Randy Ortons music?

Yes.just go to www.youtube.com/ and write randy orton's theme song The one you are looking for maybe Voices or Burning Light.

Who sings randy ortons theme tune?

Mercy Drive sings RKO's lyrics. The song is called "Burn in my Light".

Who sing the song Voices on WWE?

if your talking about randy ortons theme song,REV THEORY sing it if not,then i dont know

What is randy ortons old theme song caled?

If you mean the one before voices then Burn in my light by mercy Drive

What is Randdy Ortons entrince music called?

His theme song entrance is called Burn In My Light and his new one is Voices

What is the new randy ortan theme song?

the new entrance song for randy orton is 'i hear voices'

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