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Which baseball player was known as 'The Little Colonel'?

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Reese, Pee Wee

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Can you name this great baseball player known as the Georgia peach?

The great baseball player known as "Georgia Peach" is Ty Cobb.

Who are the 3 best known heroes of the Alamo?

Colonel W. Travis, Colonel J. Bowie, and Colonel D. Crockett.

What was Roberto Clemente known for?

He was a professional baseball player .

What are three best-known heroes of the Alamo?

colonel w. travis, colonel j . bowie, and colonel d . crockett

Who is known as the great bambino?

Babe Ruth the baseball player.

Which baseball player known as the little professor?

That would be former manager Casey Stengel who managed the New York Yankees and New York Mets during his career.

What is Sandy Koufa known for?

Sandy Koufa was a well known American Baseball player who was left-handed. Sandy Koufa was documented as being the youngest baseball player to be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, Sandy was only 36 when this occurred.

Which player was known as the little bird?

It was Manuel Francisco dos Santos the Brazilian Garrincha meaning The Little Bird

What Pennsylvania town is known as the Little League baseball capital?

South Williamsport where the Little League World Series is held.

Is baseball player Mike Trout a christian?

Not known but for between him and his particular god.

What is Avain Rachal known for?

Avain Rachal is known for being a professional baseball player that plays in Major League Baseball. The professional team that he plays for is the Cincinnati Reds.

Who invented KFC?

Harland Sanders, better known as Colonel Sanders

Which baseball player was known as the Georgia Peach?

Ty Cobb was nicknamed 'The Georgia Peach'.

Can you name this man whose secret recipe made fried chicken a take out treat?

His name was Colonel Harland David Sanders, commonly known as Colonel Sanders. He started the restaurant known now as KFC.

What is James McDonald best known for?

James McDonald is best known for being a good baseball player. He played on the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team. His profession was mainly pitching.

What is a baseball thrown with little velocity when the batter is expecting a fastball?

A baseball thrown with little velocity to fool a hitter is called a changeup. Also known as a change, changay or change-piece.

Dodger pitcher known as the preacher?

Was it Billy Sunday? He was a pro baseball player turned preacher.

Who is Mike Sollie?

Owner of Agency, State Farm Insurance Also an known baseball player

What is Clay Buchholz most known for?

Clay Buchholz is most known for playing professional baseball in the MLB. He currently pays for the Boston Re d Sox and is a very good baseball player.

Who was the highest paid baseball player in 1955?

The highest paid baseball player in 1955 was Ted Williams, also known as "thumper". Ted Williams average salary in 1955 was $67, 500.

What is Matt Kemp best known for?

Matt Kemp is best known for playing baseball for the Los Angeles Dodgers since 2006. He is a good baseball player. He has hit 153 home runs for his team.

What is jakie Robinson known for?

He is known for being the first black baseball player & Showing the world that even different color people can play sports.

Why is so little known about viroids?

Why is so little known about viroids

Which city is known as little England?

There is no city known as 'little England'. The Welsh county of Pembrokeshire is known as 'little England beyond Wales', but that's about it.

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