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Which basketball player makes the most money?


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A baseball player makes more money then a basketball player... most money payed for a baseball player right now is 30.5 mill for Alex Rodriguez. Most for a basketball player this year(2007-08) is 21 mill for Kevin Garnet!

The profession that makes the most money I guess is soccer/basketball

the nfl player that makes the most money is Brett favre

i think that football makes more than basketball because the play much harder and get hurt more than basketball players

Who was the most famous basketball player in 1994?

As of the 2011-2012 NBA season, Kobe Bryant makes the most money, about 23,000,000 dollars!

Team = Yankees Player = Arod

Philip Rivers of the Chargers

Kobe Bryant is an amazing basketball player on the lakers team. unfortunately the presidents help or country. Obama, john f. Kennedy, George Clinton, and Zachary Taylor. those are some of our presidents. but think about player president. think of a teat-er totter in your head. the most money i would think would be the president...but Kobe Bryant does make a lot of money but the presided makes more. plz comment!!!!! THX FOR LOOKING AT MY ANSWER!

Soccer, since its the most famous sport in the world. Lots of spectators = Lots of Money.

The WNBA player currently making the most money is Candace Parker. With endorsements and salary, she makes $3,000,000 a year. However, the highest salary possible in the WNBA is $105,000 a season.

The most famous basketball player in the history of the game is undoubtedly Michael Jordan.

Kobe Bryant is the most famous and the best basketball player of all time

NAIA Basketball Tournament Most Valuable Player was created in 1939.

NCAA Basketball Tournament Most Outstanding Player was created in 1939.

Truthfully, most basketball players don't make over 30 thousand dollars in a year, so probably not that much.

exxon makes the most money in the world

pitcher makes the most money i think

MJ of the Chicago Bulls and the F1 driver and Tiger Woods

baseball player u half a meetball

Not definite , But I Think It's Ronaldo

In basketball MVP means Most Valuable Player.

Lebron James USA and NBA Miami heat basketball player earns $26,000

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