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a lion lives the longest There is no difference between the maximum life spans of the big cats. All live to maximum age of twenty or so.

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Is a lion stronger than a panther?

Panther is a generic term and does not apply to a single species. It mayrefer to:a lion - panthera leoa tiger - panthera tigrisa leopard - panthera pardusa jaguar - panthera oncaa snow leopard - panthera unciaThe lion is a panther. It is larger and stronger than some panther species but smaller that a tiger.

What one of the five is least like the other four lion hyena tiger panther?

The lion, tiger, and the panther are of the cat family. The hyena is the least like those.

How comes tiger can kill black panther but lion cant?

They can. A black panther is a leopard.

Is a panther stronger than a lion?

Panther is a generic term that includes lions, tigers, leopards, snow leopards and jaguars. There is no single species known as a panther The lion is a panther and would have problems if its foe was a tiger.

Is the panthera a lion or a tiger?

the panther is a big cat so it is both the lion and the tiger because they are both big cats also

What animal lives in south American rainforest?

Tiger or Lion Bird Snake and Reptiles Elephant and jaguar, cheetah, panther, etc. People

Is the panther the largest cat?

No, the panther is not the largest cat. That honor goes to the tiger, followed by the male lion.

What animal has claws?

Tiger Lion Panther (Most wild cats)

What is an animal that is stealthy?

Panther,Jaguar,lion,Tiger,Skunk And Mouse

What animal has the same habitat as a lion?

tiger jaguar lepord panther

What are the 5 roaring cats?

lion, tiger, cougar, panther, and jaguar

Which is most likely to win a panther or a lion in a fight?

Technically, a lion is a panther and belongs to the genus panthera. A panther is not a particular species of animal and may be a lion, tiger, leopard, snow leopard or a jaguar.

Is a puma a mountain lion?

yes, a puma is also called a deer tiger, panther, and moutain lion

Do the white tiger have any other friends that are a different kind of big cat?

yes the tiger, lion and panther.

Lion vs tiger vs cougar vs black panther vs liger?

liger-75 % of victory lion - 69% tiger- 68.77% or equal (unknown) cougar-56% black panther- 54 % that's in my opinion, but still no one knows the right answer maybe it could be a liger or a lion or a tiger or even cougar and black panther, all i can say ... god knows the answer. But this is a matter of fact : [truth follows...] there are no such kind of facts as tiger kills a lion in a fight, but there are some facts that tiger beats lion in a fight (but not as much as lion wins), and there are 2-3 or even more facts that lion has killed a tiger in a fight.

Is a jaguar faster than a panther?

The jaguar is a panther and member of the panthera genus, along with the lion, tiger, leopard and snow leopard.

What you call a fierce beast of the jungle?

Tiger Panther Leopard Lion...w/e

What will eat a mouse?

catsnakeeagleliontigerblack panthercheetah

Which is bigger tiger or mountain lion or panther?

Tigers are the largest members of the cat family.

Which is the stronger animal a tiger or a panther?

There is no species called a panther. Panther is a generic term that applies to any big cat that is a member of the Pantheragenus and that includes the lion, tiger, leopard, snow leopard and jaguar.

What is the different between lion and tiger?

tigers are bigger then lions and the most biggest tiger is the Siberian tiger. And the biggest lion is the Barbary lion what lives in the Savannah. So the difference between a lion and tiger is size.

What are the big cats in order from largest to smallest?

In weight Tiger,Lion,Panther,Jaguar,Lepard,Cheeta. In height tiger,lion,jaguar,cheeta,panther,lepard.

Which is stronger a tiger or a panther?

Panther is a generic term and does not apply to a single species. It may refer to a lion - panthera leoa tiger - panthera tigrisa leopard - pantera pardusa jaguar - panthera oncaa snow leopard - panthera unciaTo which species of panther were you referring? The tiger is a species of panther.

What are the ten largest cat breeds?

lion, tiger, panther, jaguar, puma, cougar, leopard, cheetah, mountain lion, lynx

What are all of the names for a cougar?

Mountian Lion, Puma Mountain lion, puma, cougar, catamount, panther, painter, deer tiger.