Which big cats will win a fight?

Tiger vs Antelope=Tiger because even though an antelope is faster a tiger can sneak up on it and swipe at it and bite the neck of the antelope and finish its meal.

Lion vs Zebra=Lion because a lion can hunt down the zebra both are fast but than lion can probably jump on to the back of the zebra and bring it down and finish its meal.

Puma vs Bear=Puma because a puma is smaller than the bear but when the bear tries to battle the puma the puma can run off and sneak up on thebear and the bear will turn around and the puma can strike at its stomach.

Jaguar vs Crocidle=Jaguar because a jaguar can hunt on the crocidile and strike at it by usin its paw and bite force and will kill the crocidile by biting the crocidile in the skull and thenthe jaguar can finish ts meal.

Cheetah vs Wildebeest=Cheetah because the cheetah can chase down the wildebeest and kill it and finish its meal.

And that's the end and as you know all the big cats one....

GO BIG CATS....!!!!!!!!:)