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The tundra and deserts have the lowest annual precipitation. Deserts receive less than 10 inches (250 mm) of rainfall on average each year. Some deserts go for decades without a drop of rain.

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Which biome receives the least precipitation?

A desert receives the least precipitation of any biome.

Which biome would most likely experience the least precipitation?

The desert, by definition, is a region that receives little precipitation.

Which biome has the least amount of precipitation?

the answer is very simple. What do you think has the least amount of precipitation? the desert obviously. They get like inches per YEAR. that's not a lot.

What is the precipitation for the tundra biome?

The precipitation of the tundra biome is very cold and moist.

Average precipitation in marine biome?

There is no precipitation in a marine biome. The rain will hit the water, but it does not affect the biome itself.

What is the Average precipitation of the deep sea biome?

what is the average amount of precipitation of a deep ocean biome

Which biome receives the most precipitation?

The tropical rain forest biome receives the most precipitation. :)

What biome has the least precipitation?

There are two biomes that have the lowest amount of rainfall in the world. They are the tundra and desert biomes. The tundra biome is located at the north and south poles.

The biome that receives the most annual precipitation is the?

Tropical rain forest is the biome that receives the greatest annual precipitation.

What two factors determine a biome?

Two factors that determine a biome are precipitation and temperature.

What is the least common biome?

The Tundra is the least common biome.

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