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Which blood group can give blood to all?


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Blood group O- can give blood to all the other blood groups.

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there are no blood type as ABO there are practically 4 types of blood groups i.e. A, B, AB and O O blood group can donate blood to all other groups A can give to A and AB B can give to B and AB AB blood group can only give blood to AB only but can receive blood from all other groups

Group A blood types have A antibodies attached to their blood cells. Group B blood types have B antibodies attached to their blood cells. If you give a group A blood type a transfusion with type B blood, their body will attack the type B blood cells after sensing foreign antibodies. Since Group O does not have any antibodies attached to the blood cells, you can give it to type A. Type A will not detect foreign antibodies since group O has no antibodies, and therefore, the body will accept the type O blood. All Medical Answers need confirmation and re-confirmation.

If a mother has blood group 0 positive and the father is also 0 positive can they give birth to a child with blood group 0 negative?

which blood group can be donate to all other groups? "O" positive blood group. it's called universal donor.

all blood types can give blood.

In general, you CAN give group A red blood cells to a group AB recipient. The group AB person has no antibodies to the A or B antigen, they can be transfused with any of the four blood groups.

AB blood group is Universal recipient which can receive blood of all blood groups while O blood group is Universal donor which can donate blood to all blood group .

AB+ can recieve any blood group.O- can donate to any.

No. "Positive" blood groups have something in them that "negative" blood groups do not have. So if they were to give blood to the "negative" groups, it would be like introducing a foreign substance into the blood stream. O- people can give blood to any group, and AB+ can accept blood from any group.

No, this is obvious that not because each human have a different blood group and if there will be a blood transfer, they will definitely need blood with the same group as they have!!

No, as both parents must be phenotype OO, and OOxOO cannot give rise to a child with an A-type blood group.

Group A, Group B, Group AB, Group O

A blood test will reveal your child's blood group -- siblings do not necessarily all have the same blood type.

If X is the set of all blood groups of human beings and Y is the set of all human beings then the association that associates a blood group to a person having that blood group is not a function from X to Y .

The AB blood type is known as the universal recipient. Therefore, the groups that a person with this blood type can give blood to are limited. If your blood is AB+, then you can only give to others with AB+ blood. If your blood is AB-, then you can give to people with both AB+ or AB- blood.

Yes, they do. But I don't have a dad...:(

A ab Blood Group A+ve patient can receive donors of Group: A +ve . A-ve . O+ve And O -ve , and patient with blood group A -ve and can only receive A-ve and O -ve, in terms of Packed red cells ( Red blood cells) is required .

Blood types do not affect marriage. All blood types can marry.

Group brainstorming is where you are in a group and you all give ideas.

All blood groups are possible for children born from a combination such as this, regardless of which group is the male and which is the female.

Yes. Because AB has no antibodies, it can receive blood from any type. A, B, O, or AB.

Blood group has no bearing on who you marry at all; cultural beliefs that it does are quite mistaken.

Yes an AA mother can marry an AA father, when they give birth, it wil result to an AA children

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