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which body parts do the butterfly use for locomotion

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Q: Which body parts do the butterflies use for locomotion?
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What the Body parts use for locomotion of butterfly?

A butterfly has 4 wings, which it uses for locomotion. The wings can also help them blend in to their surroundings, or to try to convince enemies that they are large.

What is a use for having a bone in our body?

for locomotion and support

How do goldfish use locomotion?

I suppose you could say that goldfish use aquatic locomotion via their fins & body in order to get food and/or exercise

What body parts does butterfly use to get its food?

Butterflies are arthropods belonging to the order lepidoptera. They use an appendage called a proboscis to feed on the nectar from flowers.

How do butterflies identify their favorite plants?

They use sense receptors that are found on many parts of the body to locate flowers that contain nectar.

What does a mollusk use for locomotion?

it uses its foot and the base of the body to push itself :)

What form of locomotion do you use when you sprint?

What form of locomotion do you use when you sprint?

How do you use locomotion in a sentence?

Locomotion is a dance from the 1960s

What does the Euglena use for locomotion?

Euglena usually use a single flagella for locomotion.

What type of locomotion are pigs?

pigs use quadrupedal locomotion.

What is a locomotory organ of Frog?

The organs or body parts which are used for locomotion which is the body parts or organs which are used to move from one region to another region is called as locomotory organs:. Frogs: They use fore legs and hind legs. The hind legs have five toes which are webbed and fore legs have four toes and unwebbed.

Do butterflies bite?

No, butterflies can not bite. Their mouth parts have been changed so that they suck nectar through their long tongue which is curled up when not in use.

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