Which bowler threw the first googly ball?

As according to the article on cricinfo "In the land of googly" by "Sriram Veera"

Bernard Bosanquet, bowled the legendary Victor Trumper off the very first googly bowled in Australia, in March 1903 but could not quite control his creation. That was left to the South Africa's spinners.

Reggie Schwarz, a batsman who bowled medium pace, played alongside Bosanquet in the Middlesex team. Schwarz was fascinated by the "Bosie" and took a keen interest in the Englishman's experiments with this strange weapon. However, at the end of 1901 season he emigrated to South Africa. Schwarz got a chance in 1904 to renew his friendship with Bosanquet and his creation when he was selected to play for South Africa on the tour of England. He ran into the wiles of Bosanquet in the very first match of the tour, where Bosanquet picked up nine wickets for MCC. That art is truly international was proved when the eager disciple, Schwarz, found a willing guru in Bosanquet, who passed on the secrets of the wrong'un. By the time the fourth match began, against Oxford, Reggie was amusing his team-mates by practising the delivery in the nets. To their amazement, in the second innings, he grabbed five wickets for 27 runs in seven overs. By the end of the tour he had gone on to top the bowling averages, taking 96 bewildered victims at 14.81.