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The navy has probably the easiest of the Basic Training. All basic training except for the marines has faced lots of criticism and recently the have toughned up their programs.

It has been argued that the Coast Guard has the easiest basic training. The Marines have the toughest.


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Depends on what branch of military your joining, your military occupational specialty, and your resident geographic location.

Is it required for any branch of the military to have new recruits complete a basic training camp. Most camps are eight to nine weeks in length and are designed to train a future soldier to become both physically and mentally fit.

Personnel that join the military as officers (doctors, dentists, ministers, lawyers) attend a basic officer's branch course instead of basic combat training.

Yes, everyone in the Military is required to go to Basic Training.

The best place would be Basic Training (or what most people call "Boot Camp") Depending which branch of the military you're interested in joining would determine which training you would need most.

Basic training gets you ready for the military lifestyle as well as get you in shape and teach you self discipline.

All branches of the US military (Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard) require some form of basic training. The duration and type of basic training varies with the branch of armed service, but it is a requirement.

Afman10-100(airmans manual) and bmtsg(basic military training study guide)

Most likely the recruiter will know the answer to this question as they vary by branch of the military. The minimum is usually easy to reach since basic training is very physically demanding.

Community colleges, Basic Training Schools and Junior Colleges

it's called 'BASIC' military training

Every enlisted person has to. Officers have their own training regimen.

Basic training, also referred to as Boot Camp.

To be a military veteran, you have to be in the military, which is going to require that you go through some form of entry level training.

National Guard does not have a basic training, you are sent to basic training with other members of the Army whether they are in active or reserve status. No, you will not become a veteran if you fail to complete basic with any branch.

The only branch which has Basic Training in Texas is the Air Force, at Lackland Air Force Base. Some Army posts in Texas do Advanced Individual Training, but none do Basic Combat Training.

You can join any military branch after the Marine Corps, with a clean record of course. You won't have to go through their basic training though.

Sure. Even if you have signed a contract with a branch recruiters have ways of getting you out of it to sign with another branch. Your 1st recruiter wont be all that happy but there isn't much he can do to stop you.

You would go through OBT - Officer Basic Training. There are no enlisted nurses.

Basic training is the same for all recruits, it involves physical conditioning, radio protocol, weapons training, and military indoctrination. There is no "softer" training for a desk jockey as opposed to what line troops receive. The same is true in all military services.

A service member who has joined a particular pranch of military service but who has not yet completed Basic Training.

Boot Camp is the common term applied to Military Basic Training. Each of the four services trains new recruits and indoctrinates them into the world of military service. This is done during basic training or boot camp.

He was in the Bavarian Army, but served only as a runner, and received only basic military training.

It doesn't help you get into the military. However if you do it in high school you can gain higer rank after basic training

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