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#1, at 2 years 15 months before they receive their Beret signifying their completion of training, The United States Air Force Pararescue Jumpers have the longestng of them all.

#2 As far as Basic Training is concerned, every Basic Training/Boot Camp, is challenging in its own right. All branches, Marines/Air Force/Army/Navy/Coast Guard are all in their own right challenging and will demand only the best of the individual. All branches are strenuous physically and mentally all at the same time. Marine Corps Bootcamp is 12 weeks long. Almost immediately after "Receiving" Week, you begin Combat techniques and Marine Corps Core Values. In fact, three entire weeks you are on grass/rifleman/eval phase. Navy Basic Training is about 9 weeks long. Their ENTIRE basic training is located inside of buildings called "ships". The Air Force has been beefing up basic training over several years. Never once has basic been "easy". USAF Basic training is now 8.5 weeks long. However, during the testing phase of this change officialized in October of 2008 (Started in November of 2005), the original 7 week long basic was put into over time to test out the changes that are now implemented. Changes such as, Pugil Stick fighting, Hand to hand combat, and a three week field training spread. Demand or level of it is a matter of the individual service member. Length of training is easier to measure:

Marine Corps : 12 weeks

Navy : 9 weeks

Army: 9 weeks

Coast Guard: 9 weeks

Air Force : 8.5 weeks

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The U.S. Marines have the most physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging boot camp at 13 weeks. The Army (10 weeks) is next, followed by the Navy and Air Force ( each 8 weeks). Note that Marine boot camp emphasizes marksmanship, leading the the well-deserved credo 'Every Marine a Rifleman" as they prepare EVERY Marine for possible combat as compared to less than 25% Army, Navy, Air Force .

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Do all branches of the military require boot camp?

All branches of the US military (Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard) require some form of basic training. The duration and type of basic training varies with the branch of armed service, but it is a requirement.

Do you have to do basic training if switching branches?

Yes, if switching branches you have to do basic training in order to improve yourself unless you already have the required skills for the job.

Is everyone in the military required to go to basic training?

Yes, everyone in the Military is required to go to Basic Training.

What does military basic training do foy you?

Basic training gets you ready for the military lifestyle as well as get you in shape and teach you self discipline.

How old do you need to be to be a military truck driver?

You need to have a valid driver's license and be old enough to enlist in the armed forces. After boot camp, you will be sent for more weapons training. Upon completion you will attend rigorous training to give you the basic skills needed to be a military truck driver.

What is the book given in Basic Military Training to the future Airmen?

Afman10-100(airmans manual) and bmtsg(basic military training study guide)

Do you have to cut your hair to join the US Air Force?

none of the military servica branches requires you to cut your hair to go in. save your money they will cut it for you in basic training.

How old does one have to be before enlisting in navy training?

In order to begin Navy basic training, you need to be at least 18 years old. You have to be at least 18 to enlist in the Navy. This is true for all branches of the military.

Who has the hardest basic training in the military?

US Army

How do soldiers get trained?

it's called 'BASIC' military training

Does everyone in the military have to do basic training?

Every enlisted person has to. Officers have their own training regimen.

What training or school does one require to be in the military?

Basic training, also referred to as Boot Camp.

When did boot camp take place?

This question does not make any sense. However I can answer it how I believe you intended and hopefully it answers your question: Boot Camp is the term for the initial entry training in the US military branches. All initial entry trainings are commonly referred to as Boot Camp by civilians. In the US Army it is formally called Basic Combat Training (BCT, also Basic). It takes place at a disclosed time after enlisting in the US Military. They are varying lengths and also the type of training varies between branches.

Do you have to go to basic training to be a veteran?

To be a military veteran, you have to be in the military, which is going to require that you go through some form of entry level training.

Write a descriptive paragraph about basic military training?

a descriptive paragraph

Are 'water drills' legal in military basic training?


Where do you go to for basic military training?

Depends on what branch of military your joining, your military occupational specialty, and your resident geographic location.

Do you still have to go through basic training to become a registered nurse in the military?

You would go through OBT - Officer Basic Training. There are no enlisted nurses.

What does Air Force basic training for professionals involve?

Basic training is the same for all recruits, it involves physical conditioning, radio protocol, weapons training, and military indoctrination. There is no "softer" training for a desk jockey as opposed to what line troops receive. The same is true in all military services.

What is a military enlistee?

A service member who has joined a particular pranch of military service but who has not yet completed Basic Training.

What is boot camp?

Boot Camp is the common term applied to Military Basic Training. Each of the four services trains new recruits and indoctrinates them into the world of military service. This is done during basic training or boot camp.

Did Adolf Hitler get any training?

He was in the Bavarian Army, but served only as a runner, and received only basic military training.

How does Jrotc help you get into the military?

It doesn't help you get into the military. However if you do it in high school you can gain higer rank after basic training

What is a bootcamp?

slang term for the initial basic training period for new recruits in the military

When do you receive military dog tags?

During in-processing at boot camp (Basic Training).

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