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"The one with the most fiber" tends to be a popular answer, but not the best one. Cold cereals are not made of pure fiber. Food companies add salt and sugars that raise the calories from fat along with the taste, and over-process whole grains to produce light, shapely pieces that have a reduced fiber and protein content.

The perfect cereal has low sugar, low salt, and low calories from fat; while at the same time has high fiber and high protein… oh yea, and it has great taste. Unfortunately, as advanced as our modern world has become, we still find ourselves incapable of producing this "perfect" cereal; so, we must cruise the cereal isle and read the label of every box we find and compare the nutrition labels of each one until we can locate the one cereal with the healthiest balance of all these before-mentioned factors. In other words; a cereal that has the least amount of bad things, and the most amount of good things. Simple!

Actually, it's already been done.

In reviewing over a dozen studies of "healthy cereals" I have noticed one well-known brand that appears in all the top-ten lists, and actually took the number one spot of a top-one list: Frosted Mini Wheats.

Frosted Mini Wheats is medium-high in sugar content at 12g; but it's low in calories from fat at 10 calories per enormous serving, has only 5mg of salt, is high in fiber with 6g, and has a whopping 6g of protein and it has great taste!

While many tout Cheerios as the quintessential "healthy cereal" with only 1 gram of sugar, its whopping 210 mg of salt take Cheerios out of contention in my book.

Also cheerios are the best because they have 1g of sugar and have little cholesterol which can lower the risk of Heart disease. It is recommended by most parents because it is a good and healthy breakfast. The down side is, it tastes bland, but if you are really precise about taste, you can taste butter.


  • Add a little honey to Cheerios for a sweet kick that is still natural. So good!
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Q: Which breakfast cereal is the healthiest?
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