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Unless your doctor reccomends them (and I know of none who do) they ARE NOT EFFECTIVE OR SAFE. Do not take them. They are at best a rip-off and at worst a killing machine. No matter what age you are, these pills should NEVER be taken. Try Breast Sucess, There known for their 100% Sucess, they do have after and before pics too, so u can see the results other has had, and its 100% natural, and u get a guranteed money back, so its worth a try. Go for it, not far as i known anybodying dying from breast pills. so its not dangerous. first i would like to comment on the first two answers. the first, NEVER should NOT be used. to be honest, there are certain pills/cream/enhancements (for breasts anyway) that WILL work on CERTAIN women. some will not produce ANY results for one woman and the same product will be a miracle to the other. i do not know about safety and side effects, but i know some actually work. (BUT KNOW THAT SOME MAY NOT BE SAFE AT ALL!!!)it might not work for you but different women react to different products differently. just like some people are allergic to some foods while others arent. the cause as far as i know is unknown. to the second, before and after pics for ANY type of product may not be as they seem. some products claim to have better results than others. many of their before/after pics are coming from biased people and are not reliable. you cannot believe what you see or hear from people you dont know. REMEMBER: THE COMPANIES THAT MAKE THE PRODUCTS ARE ONLY IN IT FOR YOU MONEY, NOT FOR YOUR RESULTS! heres an example of unreliable before/after pics; weight loss pills: there has been cases reported for many products that the models used for before/after are people being paid to gain and then lose the weight either using the actual pill AND EXERCISE ON THE SIDE, or completely thru exercise. the companies literally seek people who are naturally thin to model before/after pics because naturally thin people lose weight fast than naturally thicker people. the company will take their before pic, then pay them to gain weight (usually on their own), then they come back sometime later and get their picture taken with the added weight. this is just simply put in a short summary, there is more that goes into those before/after pics than the public actually sees. and so to conclude with the answer to your question! some pills WILL work for SOME people and not work AT ALL for others. this is not for some random person online to say which will work and which wont. just do some research on all the people that a certain pill has worked on and see what they all have in common in heredity and hormones and so on. then see if you have the same. see how you would react to the ingredients in each pill and how each one works because not all products enhance the same way. it probably will be extremely hard and take up some time to get the right product/procedure to work but there is hope that a pill MIGHT work (might as in maybe none will for you). usually there is an age requirement for enhancement products but a lot of people do not follow the requirements because many are teens seeking fast results. this is actually more dangerous than it seems. but all i know for this is that it is best for you to reach your maximum growth. as in you know FOR SURE that everything (not just your body part you are trying to enhance)has been completed in growth. best to check in with your doctor before even deciding on whether to use these products. ok that was long but i hope it helps! :)

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Q: Which breast or thigh reduction products if any are most effective and are there any age restrictions for taking them?
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Where can one find information on male breast reduction?

The process of breast reduction in males is the same as breast reduction in women, however the male breast reduction is called "Gynecomastia". A breast reduction is the reduction via surgery to reduce the size of large breasts, or to implant breast silicon to make a breast larger. The "American Society of Plastic Surgeons" offer information of male breast reduction.

What is Breast reduction also called?

Breast reduction may also be called reduction mammaplasty

Where can I purchase breast reduction online?

You cannot physically purchase breast reduction online. You can go online and do a search of places that you can go to to get a breast reduction; as well as learn if breast reduction is right for you. You can also talk to your doctor about breast reduction options available nearby. Good luck!

Is Breast reduction good for breast feeding women?

Breast reduction is not recommended for women whose breasts are not fully developed or who plan to breast feed

Did Beth Chapman get breast reduction?

It was on Entertainment Tonight that she had weight loss surgery and a breast reduction.

How do you make your breast thin?

get breast reduction

Is it possible to have breast implants after breast reduction?

yes it is possible to have breast implants after just having breast reduction but there are many cautions to doing that. The technique of the breast reduction will guide your plastic surgeon regarding the safest access to place the implants through.

whats the cost for a breast reduction?

About 5,000 for a reduction

What is Reduction mammaplasty?

Reduction mammaplasty may also be called Breast reduction

How do you write a thesis on breast reduction?

you can start with a quote or statistic. or something attention grabbing, about breast reduction.

Why is breast reduction sought?

Women seek breast reduction for relief of pain in the back, shoulder, and neck

Can breast get back large after having a baby and already had breast reduction?

I asked my breast reduction surgeon's assistant this question and she said that yes breasts may become large again after having a baby even if you already had a breast reduction.

Did chaka khan have a breast enlargement?

No, she had a breast reduction! :-(

How do you decrease breast size?

Breast size can be decreased by breast reduction surgery.

Did maria molina have breast reduction?

Maria Molina does not report having a breast reduction. She did claim that she has lost weight, however. This can result in losing breast tissue over time.

Did kim eternity get a breast reduction?

Yes she got a breast reduction sometime around 2005 but she still does work in the industry

What are Alexia pills?

Alexia is natural breast reduction is a safe alternative to breast reduction surgery. Alexia breast reduction pills have helped many women obtain smaller breasts naturally. Alexia is a 100% safe and natural herbal supplement that has been reported to show significant breast reduction, up to 50%.

Where can someone find breast reduction photos?

Someone can find breast reduction photos at a local Web MD US clinic. One can also find breast reduction photos on the official website of the clinic Web MD.

Does blue cross blue shield ppo pay for breast reduction?

does blue cross blue shield ppo for breast reduction

How can one get a non surgical breast reduction done?

A non surgical breast reduction can be performed at your local breast clinic. You will have to inform the doctor that you want the procedure to be non invasive.

How do you reduce breast cup size?

By breast reduction via surgery.

Did jackie johnson have breast reduction?

There is a lot of speculation that weather lady Jackie Johnson had a breast reduction. These rumors started when she lost a decent bit of weight, she has not publicly said if she had a reduction or not.

Who should not receive breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is not recommended for women whose breasts are not fully developed or who plan to breastfeed.

Will breast reduction surgery really help fix my back pain?

Multiple breast reduction surgery patients have had relief to back with breast reduction surgery. This web address , , will help if you have more questions.

Which Celebrities have had Breast Reduction?

Too many.....

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