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Which breed of dog has the best sense of smell?


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The breed of dog that is believed to have the best sense of smell is the blood hound. Other dogs with great noses include the beagle and the Labrador Retriever.


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Dogs are known to have a good sense of smell. If a dog does have a bad sense of smell it is probably the individual dog not a breed.

Specialists are almost unanimous that Bloodhounds have the best sense of smell. The second would be Basset hound and Dachshund.

The dog has the best sense of smell -Kaylee :)

The Blood Hound is have the best sense of smell!

The dog has the best sense of smell as far as I know!Thank you!

Nope. The Anteater's sense of smell is 35 times stronger than that of a dog.

Possibly sight hounds, they were bred to chase things by using their eyesight instead of their sense of smell.

Beagles have a better sense of smell than a German shepherd. Beagles have the second best sense of smell out of all the dog breeds. The only dog with a better sense of smell than a beagle is a blood hound.

A booldhound they are one of the dogs with the best sense of smell

Killer whale. Because a dog can smell out of water, but a killer whale can smell in air and water. ;)

Bloodhounds dummy!!!:P Incorrect! the Beagle has the best developed senses of smell of any dog. It has been known to smell a mouse 40 miles away.

Absolutely the sense of smell!

for there sense of smell and tracking abiltys

is their smell my dog can smell so good that it can find a rat 90 miles away

A dog's strongest sense is its sense of smell. A dog's smell is 1,000 to 10 million times more sensitive than a human's, depending on breed. A human has about 5 million scent glands, whereas a dog has approximately 125 million to 300 million, depending on breed.

A domestic cat can smell with roughly 200 million smell-sensitive receptors (humans have 5 million). A domestic dog can range from as low, in comparison, as 125 million to as high as 220 million depending on the breed. Scenthounds receptors are obviously on the higher end of the scale. On an average the cat can smell better than the dog but the specific winner goes to the Dog breed of Bloodhound, which can have as many as 300 million. This makes them a clear winner in breed but not in genus.

A Barvarian mountain hound is a Bavarian breed of scenthound - a variety of dog which tracks prey using its sense of smell.

Yes he can, they have a great sense of smell.

Yes, dogs have such a good sense of smell, they can even tell what gender, what age, what breed, if it is healthy, and if it is happy.

cats have a great sense of smell as well as hearing they are almost equal to a dog!(only in the sense that dogs have masters and cats have slaves!)

It will vary from dog to dog or by breed but generally dogs see about as well as humans do. Smell is their "super" sense and the one they rely on more than anything to know what is happening with their surroundings.

Their sense of smell is much more advanced than a human's sense of smell.

The dog because it has high powered sensors for detecting smell.

the best breed is a Labrador

Dog senses are smell, taste, look, listen and hear

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