Which caliber is best for black bear 30-06 Springfield 30-30 Win or a 308 Win?

While any of these three calibers would be perfectly adequate for Black Bear, the .30-'06 has earned it's stripes as the most versatile hunting round for North American game. This is due in no small part to the sheer variety of commercially available bullets, ranging in weight from 55 grain sabots to 220 grain monolithic solids. The most popular loadings in 150, 165, and 180 grain bullets can handle almost anything the average hunter is likely to encounter in the continental U.S. It is generally accepted among bear hunters that heavy, deep-penetrating loads are the best medicine for anchoring a bruin, and the '06 has that covered in spades. The .30-30 enjoys a loyal following among hunters of whitetail deer for it's undeniable stopping power, but the range is limited for ethical shooting to 100 yards or less. The .308 Winchester is considered by many to be the most accurate mid-bore round, and with good reason. The shortened case, however, limits the powder charge and thus the viability of shooting the true heavyweights in the .30 caliber class, bullets above 180 grains. The .30-'06 suffers from neither of these limitations, and can drive relatively heavy bullets at relatively high velocities with a respectable degree of accuracy. Again, any of these calibers would be perfectly adequate for black bear. Any hunter with a reasonable degree of experience and familiarity with his firearm and load could expect any of these three rounds to get the job done. But for sheer versatility and an unparallelled selection of weights and power levels, the .30-'06 deserves first look.