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The Korean War. The Korean War started in 1950 and ended in 1953. And the Vietnam War started in 1955 and ended in 1975.

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The Korean War came after the Vietnam War.

The next big war after the Korean War was the Vietnam War.

The Vietnam War was the second "hot" battle of the cold war. The Korean War was the first "hot" battle.

The Korean War was followed by the Vietnam War.

Answer this question… The Vietnam War resulted in an increase in territory for communist forces, but the Korean War did not.

The Vietnam War was the second "HOT" battle of the cold war (the Korean War was the first "Hot" battle).

The korean 'war', if officially considered a war, as opposed to a 'police action', would predate the vietnam war, which has also been referred to as a 'conflict'. Semantics aside, u.s. 'involvement' in korea predated u.s. 'involvement' in vietnam.

The Vietnam War ended in a close decisive communist victory while the Korean war did not

The Korean War (1950-1953) directly influenced US Presidents from (not) invading North Vietnam during the Vietnam War. The invasion of NORTH Korea during the Korean War, led directly to Red China's entrance into the Korean War.

They came at the same time. The Korean War began the cold war, while the Cold War continued.

The Vietnam War was much more signifcant for the U.S than the Korean War becuase History made an informative series for Vietnam, "Vietnam in HD". The Korean War didn't have as much gore or communist involvment to really make T.V material.

The Korean War directly resulted in the US NOT INVADING North Vietnam.

US Army helicopters landed in South Vietnam in 1956. They were used in the Korean War in 1950-53.

the Korean war was before the Vietnam war because it was right after ww2 the Korean war started in 1950

Korean War, Vietnam War,

the forgotten war was the Korean War. The Korean War is called that because it was overshadowed by WWII and the Vietnam War.

The UN supported the Korean War, but did NOT support the Vietnam War.

The Korean War was a United Nations force supporting South Korea against a North Korean-Chinese invasion. The Vietnam War was a US-led coalition supporting South Vietnam against a North Vietnam invasion supported by China and Russia.

No. The Korean War was a draw, but Vietnam was won by the communists.

Cause=Communist aggression in both wars effect= War result=Korean War/allied victory; Vietnam War/Communist victory

Of the three divided "Communist/Free World Countries", East and West Germany, North and South Korea, and North and South Vietnam; ONLY the Korean War stands as a successful "War" to stop communist aggression. North Vietnam conquered South Vietnam. East Germany collapsed with the Soviet Union's collapse. In the field of military science; as the First World War before it (the first war with airplane fighting airplane/aerial combat): The Korean War was the FIRST clash of Jet Aircraft. The first jet war.

Vietnam war lasted 10 years. The Korean War didn't and in fact there never has been a peace agreement to end the war.

The war after Vietnam was the Korean war

The Korean War is sometimes called the Korean Conflict, because the Congress of the USA never declared war. The Vietnam War, sometimes called the Indochina War was another undeclared war. It is sometimes called Indochina War, because it involved fighting in Norh and South Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

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