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Which came first the Mesolithic or the Paleolithic period?


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The Paleolithic period.

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Neolithic People came first they were food gatherers and Paleolithic People were food producers

Paleolithic refers to the Old Stone Age period of time, whereas neolithic refers to the New Stone Age period of time, which came afterwards.

the mesolithic people came to Ireland 7000bc. mesolithic means middle stone age. they used stone tools for dowing their work. the are olso callde hunter-gatherers.the came from britine and France.

Sharks came first they appeared in the carboniferous time period.

Physics, came when mankind was bashing rocks in paleolithic times. Mathematics made its appearance in Ancient Egypt, a while later.

We first came around in the Pliocene Period.

The blue period came first (1901-1904). Rose period (1904-1906).

The chicken.....Period.....

the Jacobian period, named for king James the first of England.

People invented more new ways to explore so paleolithic sge came to an end

The three-age system has been used in many areas, referring to the prehistorical and historical periods identified by tool manufacture and use, of Stone Age.

The Paleolithic people were polytheistic when it came to religion. This means that they believed in more than just one higher power or God.

No. the first Dinosaurs were in the Triassic period, which came later

The first settlers in Ireland came over from England in 8000 B. C. E. They were Mesolithic hunter-gatherers. Because of the environmental changes that occurred after the end of the last ice age, as well as the bog and alluvial deposits in Ireland, many of the details of the Irish Mesolithic people has been lost, but the modern day Irish people are their descendants.

The Ordovician period came first. It started 485.4 million years ago and finished 443.8 million years ago. Then came the Silurian and Devonian periods, followed at 358.9 million years ago by the Carboniferous.

That was the beginning of the Devonian peroid and the end of the Silurian period. It was that period when the first insects came to Earth.

The Victorian period came before the Edwardian period.

no you can not If you mean he came inside of you after your period then yes you can.

The main resource that the Paleolithic people used is FIRE. Only by these peoples the invention of Fire came to the world. Regards, Karthikeyan. V

Nobody Explored Spain, the Paleolithic man came from Africa

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