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the stamp act because 1765 is before 1785 and in 1765 came the stamp act and in 1785 came the treaty of Paris

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Q: Which came first the stamp act or the Treaty of Paris?
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What came first The Intolerable Acts the treat of Paris the Boston Massacre the sugar stamp Acts?

The Sugar & Stamp Acts The Boston Massacre The Intolerable Acts The Treaty of Paris

What was first proclamation or Treaty of Paris?

It matters whether you are talking about the proclomation of 1763 or womething else. If so, then the proclomation came first, as the Treaty of Paris was in 1783.

Which came first the Treaty of Paris or the Declaration of Independence?

The Treaty of Paris was the treaty whereby Great Britain recognized the American colonies as an independent nation. This was well after the 1776 publication of the Declaration of Independence.

Why did they call it the Treaty of Paris?

All the parties met in Paris, came to agreement, and signed it there.

Who was the first person to sign the Treaty of Paris?

John Adams was the first to sign the Treaty of Paris as his name came first. And in the 18th century, such things were important. The other signers were Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, and David Hartley representing King George III.

What came first the stamp act or the Revolutionary War?

The Stamp Act.

Which came first the Stamp Act or the Quartering Act?

The Stamp Act came before the Quartering Act.

Which came first the Declaratory act or the Stamp Act?

The Stamp Act came before the Declaratory act.

How the American Revolution officially came to an end?

The Treaty of Paris ended the armed conflict (hostilities).

What came first the stamp act congress or the stamp act?

The Stamp Act, I think that's really or possibly right though.........

The official end of World War 1 came with the signing of a peace treaty in Paris?

WW1 ended when Germany signedThe Treaty of Versailles, which called for an armistice.

What is the penny black stamp?

This is the first postage stamp every issued. It is from Great Britain and came out in 1840.

What are two documents that resulted from the Revolutionary War?

The two documents that came from the Revolutionary War was the Constitution and the Treaty of Paris.

What came first The Intolerable Acts or the Treaty of Paris?

Well, The Treaty of Paris came before and after the intolerable acts. The Treaty of Paris (1763) was signed by France and Great Britain at the end of the Seven Year War (French and Indian War) that was the war that actually sparked the American Revolution. Great Britain thought it would be a good idea to get it's money back from winning that war and so decided to start taxing the colonists which finally led to British Parliament passing the Coercive Acts (Intolerable Acts) in 1774. The other Treaty of Paris (1783) was the treaty that was signed by Great Britain and the United States of America at the end of the American Revolution.

What is value of first class stamp with flower on it?

That is the F stamp and came out in 1991. It has a face value of 29 cents.

What came first the Louisiana purchase or Treaty of Ghent?

the traty of ghent

What act happened first the stamp act or the sugar act?

the sugar act came first

Which came first Whiskey Rebellion or Jays Treaty?

Whiskey Rebellion - 1791-1794 Jay's Treaty - November 1794

Did the Olive Branch Petition happen first of the Stamp Act?

Olive Branch Petition came first! Olive Branch Petition - 1775 Stamp Act - 1765

What came first the stamp act declaratory act or the quartering act?

the quartering act

What was the effect of the Treaty of Paris of 1763 on the British merchants?

there force to find a new way of making money but later came back to marketing

What year did the 1 cent stamp come out?

The first US one cent stamp came out in 1851. That was Scott Number US 5.

When did Paris become a city?

around the time the first king came to power.

What is the name of the car that came first in Beijing to Paris motor race in 1907?


What came first world war 1 or Treaty of Versailles?

The treaty. The Germans considered it unfair and they got so angry that they immediately started the war-