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Amanda Blake (1929-1989) American actress best remembered for her role as Kitty Russell in the television series Gunsmoke.

Anthony Perkins (1932-1992) American actor best known for his role as Norman Bates in the Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho.

Brad Davis (1949-1991) American actor, played the part of Billy Hayes in the film Midnight Express.

Cookie Mueller (1949-1989) American actor and writer who featured in many of filmmaker John Waters' early films.

Dack Rambo (1941-1994) American actor who played Jack Ewing in the television series Dallas.

David Oliver (1962-1991) American actor, played in Another World and A Year in the Life

Denholm Elliott (1922-1992) British actor; won three BAFTA awards as best supporting actor for Trading Places, A Private Function and Defence of the Realm, as well as an Academy Award nomination for A Room with a View.

Eric "Eazy E" Wright

Freddie Mercury (lead singer of Queen)

Gene Anthony Ray (1962-2003) American actor and dancer; best known for his portrayal of the street smart dancer Leroy in the 1980 motion picture Fame and the television spin-off.

Howard Rollins (1950-1996) American actor, nominated for the 1981 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in the film Ragtime

Ian Charleson (1949-1990) British actor whose best-known role was the part of athlete Eric Liddell in the film Chariots of Fire.

Ilka Tanya Payan (1943-1996) Dominican born American actress, attorney and activist. She was one of the first Latino celebrities to publicly disclose her status.

Irving Allen Lee (1948-1992) American soap Opera and musical actor.

John Megna (1952-1995) American former child actor, To Kill a Mockingbird.

Keith Prentice (1940-1992) American theatre and soap opera actor.

Kevin Peter Hall (1955-1991) Tall American actor, played in Predator and Harry and the Hendersons.

Klaus Nomi (January 24, 1944 - August 6, 1983) German Counter-tenor and American Pop Celebrity; the first well-known celebrity to die of AIDS.

Kurt Raab (1941-1988) German actor known for his work with cult film director Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

Larry Riley (1952-1992) American actor; played the role of Frank Williams in the soap opera Knots Landing

Leonard Frey (1938-1988) American Broadway and film actor, earned an Academy Award nomination as Best Supporting Actor in the film version of Fiddler on the Roof.

Merritt Butrick (1959-1989) American actor best remembered for playing Captain Kirk's son in the films Star Trek II and III.

Michael Jeter (1952-2003) American film and theatre, won a Tony Award in 1990 for the musical Grand Hotel.

Paul Shenar (1936-1989) American film and theatre actor; played in the film Scarface.

Ray Sharkey (1952-1993) American actor; won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor - Motion Picture Musical or Comedy for his performance in The Idolmaker.

Richard Hunt (1951-1992) American puppeteer; performer of Scooter, Janice, Sweetums, Forgetful Jones and other Muppet characters.

Robert Drivas (1938-1986) American film, television and stage actor.

Robert Reed (1932-1992) American actor; played the role of Mike Brady on The Brady Bunch.

Rock Hudson (1925-1985) American actor, first major American celebrity to publicly disclose HIV status.

Rudolf Nureyev (Ballet dancer)

Stephen Stucker (1947-1986) American actor and comedian; best known for the Airplane! films.

Timothy Patrick Murphy (1959-1988) American actor, played the role of Mickey Trotter in the television series Dallas

Tom Fuccello (1936-1993) American actor, known for his role as Dave Culver in the television series Dallas.

Tom Villard (1953-1994) American actor.

Tommy Sexton (1955-1993) Canadian actor and comedian.

Tony Richardson (1928-1991) British actor; received two Academy Awards (Best Director and Best Picture) for Tom Jones (1963).

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Q: Which celebrities died of HIV or AIDS?
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