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Which cell structure releases the energy stored in glucose?


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Mitochondria releases energy in glucose.It generates energy through respiration

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The process of cellular respiration extracts the energy found in glucose.

respiration glucose + oxygen - - -> CO2 + H20

The process of cellular respiration breaks down glucose and releases energy that is stored in molecules of ATP.

The breakdown of glucose during cellular respiration, releases energy. This energy is then stored in ATP molecules and whenever the body needs energy to carry out a function, the ATP provides it.

No, it uses it up. (converts it, actually).Energy is used in photosynthesis.This energy is stored in glucose. Light energy is used

Chemical energy is stored in glucose

The mitochondria releases energy stored in food which is in cells.

Mitochrondria releases energy stored in food.

It oxidize glucose molecules. Releases energy is stored in ATP

Cellular respiration releases energy stored in food in a cell.

The nutrients which release energy in the body are glucose and fats. Glucose is often used first, and fat is stored. However, fats actually release more energy than glucose. 1 gram of fat releases 39 kJ of energy, whereas 1 gram of glucose releases only 17 kJ of energy.

Glucose is systematically degraded into carbon dioxide and water in the presence of oxygen. The process (respiration) releases energy which is stored in the glucose molecule.

Energy of glucose is released. This energy is stored in ATP

In the human body, glucose is stored in the cells. The function of the stored glucose is the secondary energy storage. The primary energy is stored in the adipose tissue.

The mitochondria of a cells organelle releases energy stored in food.

The amount of energy stored by ATP is greater than the amount of energy stored in glucose.

Yes, it does. Corn oil takes energy from the sun as the corn grows. This is stored in the form of glucose. When corn oil is burnt it releases this energy.

Glucose is stored in the body as glycogen. It is stored in the liver and in muscle tissue until it is needed, then the hormone glucagon - 'turns-the-sugar-on'- and releases the glycogen as glucose into the bloodstream.

glucose is the stored energy in animals

Energy of sunlight is used. It is stored in glucose

Cellular Respiration releases the energy stored in the bonds of the food (glucose). This energy, ATP, is then used to sustain the plant/animal.

Cellular respiration basically undoes photosynthesis. It releases the energy that was stored in the glucose during photosynthesis.

how is elctromagnetic energy from the sun captured stored and finally converted into energy in glucose

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