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Which church group took hold in latin America?

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The Pentecostal Church.

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What church group took hold in Latin America?


Which church took hold in latin America?

Catholic and Pentacostal

How were Latin America caudillos able to achieve power and hold on to it?

They were able to hold on to power because they were backed by the military.

Country without sea coast in Latin America?

Paraguay and Bolivia hold such distinction.

What are the two most industrialized countries in Latin America?

Mexico and Brazil hold that distinction.

What Latin American countries are popular with bullfighting?

Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, Panama, are a few of the countries of Latin America that hold bullfights.

Which latin America country is a major producer of oil?

Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela hold such distinction.

Which countries are industrializing most rapidly?

In Latin America? Only Brazil and Mexico hold that distinction.

What does Christopher Columbus have to do with Latin America?

Christopher Columbus made Spain rich and Spain is kinda apart of Latin America.

In 1700s Latin American politics were dominated by?

In the 1700s, Latin American politics was dominated by the highest social class in the land. Only the rich could hold jobs in government and the church.

Why was the bottle invented?

It was created by natives of Latin America to hold rain water and keep it from evaporating. The earlist bottles were made of dried, hollowed gourds.

What does tenebo mean in latin?

I will hold.

What does tenere mean in latin?

To hold.

How do you say hold in latin?


What is a hold up in Latin?

"Hold up" is a term developed in English to mean a certain kind of robbery. The Latin for robbery is "roberia." If you tried to translate "hold up" literally into Latin, you would get the word for "to support" or "to sustain," which is "sustinere"

What does the root tain mean?

The root tain means hold - from the Latin tenere to hold.

Can you hold license to preach if you don't have a church?

You do not need either a license or a church in order to preach; in America you have a constitutionally protected right to free speech as well as freedom of religion, so if you have something to preach, go ahead.

What distinguished title does Saint Albert hold in the Catholic Church?

Doctor of the Church

What latin root comes from attenuate and tenuous?

Ten is the Latin root word. It means to hold or strain.

Which was the only church permitted to hold services in the early settlement in Nsw?

Church Of England

A bishop's church called?

A Cathedral. The term "church" also refers to a group of people professing to hold the same beliefs, not a building, so if this is what the question is asking, in the United States, a Catholic bishops church would be a diocese or archdiocese. A 'church' should be "called" or named after the person who started it, or after the person whose doctrine it is really teaching.

What is the latin root word of retain?

It comes from retineo, (I keep or hold back, etc) from re- (again) and teneo (I hold, to hold).

Why does the deacons hold the candle?

Not all deacons hold candles. It must be a tradition in your church.

Where is Catholicism mostly practiced?

Latin America (Central and South America) has a very high percentage of Catholics. Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland and the Philippines do also. The Roman Catholic Church is found everywhere in the world, hence one of the marks of the true church is catholicity, or as St. Vincent of Lerins wrote "hold fast that faith which has been believed everywhere, always, and by all." Catholics are united in doctrine, hierarchy and belief in every country of the world. In some countries where regimes rule that persecute the Church for religious or political reasons, the Church does not visibly exist although in almost every case there is an underground where faithful souls continue to practice their faith.

Does Mexico still hold power?

Yes, to a certain degree. It is a regional power, being the second most important country in Latin America after Brazil in both terms of economy and population.

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