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Washington, D.C.

Which cities are more affordable between Portland Oregon Washington DC and Phoenix Arizona?


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March 27, 2014 7:44PM

Having lived in all three locations I can tell you the proper order for cost and wage levels are, from lowest to highest, Portland at the bottom , moving upward one finds Phoenix, And highest in both cost and wages is Washington D.C. Portland has lower wages and higher unemployment , Phoenix is more expensive but the wages are still low, however the job prospects are a tad better. Meanwhile, D.C. has very high wages and is more expensive but it is still the highest monitary return for your efforts at work. Portland can have high rents but nothing compared to Phoenix and way below D.C. Over all though it's a toss up as to what one considers affordable. My vote is for Portland. What you get in Portland is more bang for your buck because of location and amenities available vs. physical and mental output to achive a state of harmony with your view towards affordability.