Which city has the most trees?

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Sacramento California has one of the highest per capita trees of any other city in the world, as does Nelspruit South Africa. The city is also planning to double its number of trees it has in the next 40 years. In terms of sheer numbers, Johannesburg South Africa is the most treed city in the world - with well over ten million trees. Toronto, Canada has 10.2 million trees. Large-scale operations in Beijing means it will too become very treed, although similar operations in Johannesburg mean that it is likely to retain the overall top spot comfortably.
Portland Oregon has a large arboritum and several large and small parks in its' city limits. Was considered the largest.
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Which tree produces the most oxygen?

That is an impossible question to answer, as it depends on the health of the tree, its age, its photosynthetic rate, and its respiration rate. In addition to this, the value of trees is not to produce oxygen, it is to sequester carbon dioxide. Algae are better oxygen producers than trees. In gene ( Full Answer )

Who cut most trees?

Bob Walters. just to say, i think that every one takes a part in "Who cuts down the most trees." i do think that this person cuts down the most trees f youes say so, but i also do think that everyone takes a part in cutting down trees. I think that all of youes are liers.. thank you for your time. ( Full Answer )

Which country has the most trees?

I think Switzerland it has so many trees but don't depend on it i am guessing CORRECT ANSWER IS RUSSIA.

What trees provide the most oxygen?

ANSWER: . The largest ones, of course. The larger the tree, the more carbon dioxide it can consume and the larger the amount of oxygen is produced. The largest trees are found in the rainforests with the exception of the California redwoods.

What is the most common tree?

There are many trees in the world that can be considered extremelycommon, such as the quaking aspen, the yellow birch, and the whiteash. However, the tree that is becoming the most common of all isthe Red Alder, because of its ability to grow in damaged soil.

What is the world's most useful tree?

I would argue that the Hazel tree is a contender for this title, at least in temperate climates. The wood can be used for wattle fences or hurdles, water-diving rods, and pegs including for thatching. The nuts are of course edible, and folklore says that they also convey wisdom. They can also be m ( Full Answer )

What trees absorb the most water?

There are a variety of types of trees that absorb a lot of water.One of the most popular trees is the weeping willow.

What country has the most trees?

what state has the most trees or country because my mom and dad want to know and my class is learning about trees to and I want to know about alot of trees and how can you tell me how old they are because my neibors have this houmgus tree in there yard also it grows ever year

What is the most common tree in Australia?

The Eucalyptus tree is the most common Australian native tree. there are over 700 species. Eucalyptus camaldulensis, also known as the River Red Gum, is the most widely found. RIVER RED GUMS are still being logged in an attempt by the Australian government to compete for the market against the ( Full Answer )

What is the most popular tree in Connecticut?

It's the white oak. The Charter Oak, its most famous example, is the state tree. It's also on the reverse side of the Connecticut coin in the state medal series. Its cavity is supposed to have hidden the original colony charter that King Charles II of England issued, in 1662. It gave the colony more ( Full Answer )

What trees do you have to water in city folk?

After you plant them watering sometimes helps during the first few days of them growing. Unless they start to die right away then i doesnt do any good. After they grow full size you never need to water again. I never water trees even when they're just planted tho

What province in Canada has the most trees?

New Brunswick is one of the provinces of Canada that has the most trees. Fall is a beautiful time of year to take a visit to New Brunswick to appreciate it's splendor and beauty.

How do you get the most money on Tree Of Tranquility?

Personaly i think (if u dont have any farm animals yet) tht the fastest way would be mining and fishing....but u should have mira working at the blacksmiths frst so u can refine ur ores and wonderfuls so its will be worth more. if ur having trouble finding her go to the graveyard by the church. Hope ( Full Answer )

Where are most cecropia trees located?

In the world but I think in the rainforest in South America. In the world but I think in the rainforest in South America

Country with most trees?

Russia has the largest forested area of any country, nearly doubling the next highest: Brazil.

Which part of the world has the most trees?

It is the north pole holds 1/3 of the worlds trees .------------------------------------------ I doubt if that is true. Most trees will grow where the climate is not too severe, as at the Poles or in Deserts. However they do grow well in most other parts of the world.

Why are most leaves on trees green?

Because the photosynthesis makes sugar and turns it green Chlorophyll gives plants their green colour. There are other pigments in the leaves too, such as xanthophylls (reds) and carotenoids (yellows and oranges). The combination's of the different pigments make different shades of green. Plan ( Full Answer )

How do you get to the gym in fort tree city?

keep going straight then down and left you will meet steven on a bridge who will give you a scope take it and go to the gym a kakleon is blocking the way the scope reveals it. fight it and you will be able to go to the gym. this is very true . u go through fort tree and u go through the grassand th ( Full Answer )

Is most paper made from trees?

Yes most paper are made from trees. They are made by using chopped up wood, water, and bleach. First they use these huge machines to grind them up then they wet it, then bleach ti to make it white then they press the excess water out. They cut up the big rolls of paper( the rolls are over 30 feet lo ( Full Answer )

What is the most beautiful tree in the world?

I think the apple trre is the most beatiful tree in the world because i love apples!!!!! . This is an opinion question. I don't know........I like orange trees ^^

What animal relies most on trees?

Most mammals rely on trees for living space and food. Insects use them for camoflauge. While birds use them to keep their nests from harm.

What country has the most pine trees?

That would be Canada. Canada has the most number of pine trees in the world... and the most pine trees per capita as well.

Why do you plant trees in the cities?

To replace the trees cut down to make room for the city. They provide oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide which helps people and animals live.

Which tree absorbs the most carbon?

I guess it is Oscimum sanctum[tulsi] The oceans actually absorb most of the CO2. Over 70% of all CO2 absorption is by the oceans.

Which biome has the most trees?

Taiga. Taiga has more trees then all the Rain Forests combined. Taiga has 1/3 of the earth's population of trees. Many people think that Rain Forest has the MOST trees but they don't. You may wonder How can such a cold place have 1/3 of the tree population? Well, the type of tree's that grow there a ( Full Answer )

City in US with most trees per capita?

Ann Arbor, MI beats Sacramento, CA with 0.41 trees per capita (47,900 trees and 116,121 people) compared to 0.24 trees per capita (115,000 trees and 475,516 people).

What is the most famous tree in the world?

There are many famous trees in the world, such as the Methuselah, supposedly the oldest tree in the world. If you mean any species of trees, the answer can be oak, pine, apple, etc.

How do you headbutt the tree in violet city?

Explore Ilex Forest. Eventually you will reach a route where there will be a fat man on a terrace (a place where you can jump off a ledge to get away, but you have to find a different route if you want to get to him - it's not hard to find). talk to him, and he will offer to teach headbutt to one of ( Full Answer )

What is the most popular tree in japan?

The sakura tree (Cherry blossom Tree). . The chrysanthemum is the official flower of the Emperor and is on most official seals. However, the cherry blossom is much more abundant. There are may cherry blossom festivals throughout Japan. There is even a cherry blossom festival in Washington, D.C. on ( Full Answer )

Where are the most Christmas trees grown?

Christmas trees are grown around the world, they are quite simply evergreen trees that people have decided look pretty. There are farms for growing the trees, but I know a good number of people also get their trees from out in the forrests where the trees gro naturally. Therefore the trees can ( Full Answer )

What tree is most popular?

Probably The oak tree, or there is the palm tree in Spain and most of the hot countries, but in the colder parts of the world probably the oak tree. Hope this helps you! I'm new to his kind of thing so don't judge me if I am wrong.

How most trees grow?

Trees increase in height by building new cells from the apical meristem at the top of the tree. The trunk expands in diameter by producing new cells around the circumference from the vascular cambium, which produces xylem and phloem to transport food and water, and the cork cambium, which produces b ( Full Answer )

Why trees in a sustainable city?

Trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, store the carbon and release oxygen. A sustainable city will be generating electricity from renewable sources. Its building will be designed so they maximise natural cooling and heating. A sustainable city will be seeking to lower the amount of carbon ( Full Answer )

Where are the most plantations of orange trees?

The most plantation of orange trees are in Georgia, the Orange state. There are also a large amount of orange plantations within North Carolina, South Carolina, and in Florida.

What is the most common tree in Austria?

Dominant tree species present in Austria today are Norwayspruce, fir, larch, Scots black and stone pines, beech, oak, maple,ash and linden (Hasenaur 1997), the majority limited to heightsbelow 1200m (3940 ft) aOD on the north side of the Alps and below1500-1700m (4920-5580 ft) aOD on the southern sl ( Full Answer )