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Which coin is president Lincoln on?


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The US one cent coin...

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Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President is on the 1 cent coin :)

Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States.

Abraham Lincoln That's why they're called Lincoln cents

Lincoln, on the Penny seating in 1909.

Abraham was not the first to get his head on a little coin. But he is a dinosaur.

Presidents Lincoln and Washington were the first Presidents to be printed on a coin.

Lincoln, on the penny in 1909 to honor his centennial.

Not what, but who. It's Abraham Lincoln the 16th president of the United States.

A portrait of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, is on the front of the US $5 bill.He is also on the 1 cent coin. Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln If you mean the USA $0.01 coin, then the engraving on the front is one of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States. If you mean the British 1p coin, it carries a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Abraham Lincoln has been on the one cent coin from 1909 to date.

The only US coin dated 1984 with Lincoln on it is the 1 cent coin.

A Lincoln Memorial penny. Lincoln is on the front, of course, and there's a tiny image of the statue visible inside the Memorial on the back.

Abe Lincoln is pictured on the American one cent ( penny) coin. He was our 16th President.

Lincoln has been on the one cent coin since 1909. Also on the 2010 dollar coin.

Abraham Lincoln became President Lincoln.

yes 2009 and 2010 USA coins 2009 Silver 2010 Presidential dollar coin program Manganese-brass

Abraham Lincoln is on the American Penny. The penny is the one cent coin.

No. The first president featured on a circulating U.S. coin was Abraham Lincoln on the cent beginning in 1909. James Monroe appears on a presidential dollar, dated 2008.

no, Lincoln was the 16th president

Lincoln was the first every Republican President.Lincoln was the first President to be assassinated.Lincoln was the President during the Civil War.

Lincoln is on the 1 cent coin

No Lincoln is on the penny and the $5 bill and Jefferson is on the nickel and the $2 bill.

Since 1909, his image has been on the penny. He was also on one of the Presidential dollars in 2010.

Kennedy is on the US half dollar (50 cent) coin and Lincoln is on the penny (1 cent) coin.

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