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Just a _wild guess_ that it was Christ Church. I would love to know if anyone can refute this.

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Q: Which college gave Benjamin Franklin and honorary doctorate?
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Where did Benjamin Franklin graduate from?

He never graduated from high school or college. He was self-educated after his father pulled him from school in order to work for his brother to help support the family. He only let others call him Dr. Franklin after receiving an honorary doctorate.

Where did Dr. Seuss pursue his doctorate?

Dr. Seuss never earned a doctorate. He was given an honorary doctorate by Dartmouth College. He also got an honorary degree from Princeton.

When where the Honorary doctorate degree handed out to Jane Goodall?

Jane Goodall received the following honorary degrees. 2004: Honorary Degree from Haverford College 2005: Honorary Doctorate Degree in Science from Syracuse University & Rutgers University 2007: Honorary Doctorate Degree in commemoration of Carl Linnaeus from Uppsala University & Honorary Doctorate Degree from University of Liverpool 2008: Honorary Doctorate Degree from University of Toronto 2011: Honorary Doctorate Degree from American University of Paris 2012: Honorary Doctorate Degree from National Tsing Hua University

Where did Rudy Ruettiger get his honorary doctorate degree?

His Honorary Doctorate Degree was awarded by Our Lady of Holy Cross College, New Orleans, LA, USA

What college did Edith wharton graduate from?

She did not attend college, however, she was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Letters from Yale University.

What was Benjamin Franklin's college life like?

Benjamin Franklin was born in the Boston area and ended up being an apprentice to his older brother. In is mid-teens chose to create a life of his own and settled in Philadelphia. He never went to college, but his accomplishments brought him an honorary degree. That is why you occasionally hear him referred to as Dr. Franklin.

What college did Benjamin Franklin attend?

Ben Franklin didn't attend college.

What was the name of the college that Benjamin Franklin went to?

He received honorary degrees from Harvard, Yale, University of St. Andrews (Scotland; Doctor of Laws), and Oxford (for science). It was only after that that he allowed himself to be called 'Dr. Franklin'.

What college did Benjamin Franklin got to?


Who was the founder of the College of Philadelphia?

Benjamin Franklin.

What college did Benjamin Franklin graduate from?


What did Benjamin Franklin study in college?


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