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Which colony did the calverts find?


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They found Maryland

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the calverts were a family that founded the colony of maryland. this answer was made by special puri

The Calverts were the proprietors.

they wanted a community for catholics

The Calverts.Leonard Calvert was the Colonial Governor.

The Calverts of England founded the Maryland Colony.

why was the marland olony successful from hestart

A conflict between Catholics and Protestants did develop. Cecilius Calvert started the Maryland colony in 1634. The Calverts intended the colony as a haven for Catholics.

George Calvert was the first Lord Baltimore. The Calverts founded Maryland as a British colony. The Black and golf incorporated the colors from the coat of arms from his paternal side, the Calverts. The red and white arms are of the Crosslands, his maternal family.

They were a wealthy English family.

King Charles I gave a charter to Cecil Calvert, the 2nd Lord Baltimore as Proprietor who in turn sent his younger brother Leonard as Governor with the first Colonist to establish the Colony for the English Catholic minority and to make the Calverts rich.

it was cold there and it was found by calverts

Sir George Calvert established the colony of Maryland in 1634 mainly for religious reasons. He wanted this colony to be for English Catholics, and he also wanted to demonstrate that Catholics and Protestants could co-exist in peace.

she is Brandon calverts girl friend

He founded the Delaware colony

Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts

The colony you seek is Maryland.

They are from the Coat of Arms of the Calverts and the Crosslands.

Sir Walter Raleigh was the 1st to find the New England colony.

They were Calverts which was Catholic, but that is just one of the type of people there.

The only thing I could think of was Lord Baltimore and his family.

Yes, Lord Calvert, the founder of Maryland, and his family were Catholics.

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