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According to Texas's top seller of new and used car, SoloAutos, the color white is the sought after color for new as well as used cars.

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Q: Which color car gets sold the most?
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Which color car gets sold the least?

the light green car is the car that gets sold the least because it just to bright but really is a nice color

What color car got sold the most in 2011?


What color of car gets in the most accidents?

Silver or gray because they match the road

Most sold car make?

The most sold car is actually a truck. The Ford F-150 is the most sold.

What car is most sold in US?

The most sold car in the US isn't a car it's a truck..The Ford F-150

What color car gets stopped more?


What color car gets hit more?


Does the color of the car effect how hot it gets?

The of a car does not effect it has nothing to do with it so yeah a car has nothing has nothing to o with the color

What color car is most likely to get pulled over?

Red, there's something about it that just gets pulled over :-)

What is the most popular car ever sold?

The most popular car ever sold is the Toyota Corolla. As of 2014, in excess of 40 million of these cars have been sold.

What is the most sold Indian car?


What is the most sold car?

Toyota Corolla

What is the most sold car in Lebanon?


What is the most populated car color in the world?

Black is the most popular car color in North America.

What is the most sold German car?

The Volkswagen Bug is the historically most produced and most sold German make.

What colour of car has the most accidents?

i dont think there is a certain color that gets into accidents more but i know that red cars have a higher chance of getting pulled over than any other color car.

What is the most mpg a car has?

Usually highway driving is where a car gets the most mpg.

What was the most common car sold in 2008?


What car brand sold the most cars?


What is the most sold luxury car?

Cadillac DTS

How many people on average drive a black car?

18% of the cars sold are black which is the second most popular color behind white which commands 21% of need car sales.

What car is sold most in used car sales?

The used car that is sold the most is the Honda Accord. This is not necessarily a real statistic, it is just a reference to the number one search on Cars.

What color of car is the most common driving car on Kam IV road?

most common car color driving on kam iv road?

What is the most sold sports car?

Mazda Miata. Nearly a million have been sold.

Does a repoed car have to be sold at auction?

No. Who ever holds the note gets to decide how the vehicle is resold.